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The World of Garagiste Wines

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If you’re looking to sample some of the best wine in the world, but your hunt is restricted to what’s on the retail shelves, you may be limiting yourself. Consider trying Garagiste wine, a product of independent, artisan winemakers who create relatively small amounts of fine wine. Those deemed Garagiste winemakers cultivate only a few wines of about 100 cases each. These range from some tried and true varietals to more untested, up-and-coming blends.

The trend of Garagiste wines, termed thusly because producers often toil in small, garage-type interiors, originated in the French region of Bordeaux. In the U.S., winemakers of a similar ilk have appeared in Northern and Central California, as well as Washington and Oregon. All crafts persons have become known for a dedication to developing the best wine possible, without being strict adherents to more mainstream practices.

Once you’ve invested in a bottle of this fine wine, take the following steps to ensure an optimal tasting experience. Look at the wine’s color, swirl it in the glass to activate the aromas, and smell it with the goal of determining its characteristics. Sip and swish it to gain an understanding of all of its features, and make sure to pair it with the ideal accompaniments to maximize your enjoyment. To learn more about Garagiste wines, check out the following infographic from Gold Medal Wine Club.

Garagiste Wines


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.