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Traveling to New York? You Have to Do These 7 Things While There!

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New York is a vibrant and exciting city, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in soaking up the culture, taking in the sights, or simply enjoying the nightlife, New York has it all. It would be best if you had a game plan to make the most of your trip. Here are seven things you must do while traveling to New York for vacation.

new york city skyline

1. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

First up on the list of things to do when traveling to New York is to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This verdant 52-acre Park is free to enter and boasts 12,000 species of plants. Stroll through the rose garden, take in the fragrant Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, or explore the children’s garden. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Park also has the Shakespeare Garden, which has more than 80 types of plants mentioned in the playwright’s works and an assortment of birds and bees. There are also plenty of year-round exhibits and events, so check the calendar. You may consider participating in a planting workshop or a guided nature walk as a family.

2. Explore Central Park

The Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations when traveling to New York City, and for a good reason. This massive 843-acre Park is home to countless attractions, including the Central Park Zoo, the Belvedere Castle, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or take in some of the city’s best sights, Central Park has something for everyone. Walking is always an option in good weather, but you can also take the subway or a bus. The closest subway stop to Central Park is the 72nd Street station on the 1 line. Several bus lines also stop near the Park, including the M1, M2, M3, and M4 buses.

The Park underwent a major renovation in the late 1990s, during which many of its features were restored. Today, Central Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York City, attracting more than 40 million visitors each year.

attending a game in yankee stadium is a must when traveling to New York

3. Watch a Baseball Game

Baseball is America’s pastime, and watching a game is a must-do for any visitor to New York City. The city is home to two Major League Baseball teams, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. If you’re a Yankees fan, you can watch them play at their home stadium, Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx and can be accessed by subway. Consider booking tickets for baseball games in NYC early. This helps you avoid the long queues. The best way to do it is by going online. Ensure you are booking from a reputable site to avoid scams. Also, compare the sites to ensure you get the best deals.

If you’re a Mets fan, you can watch them play at their home stadium, Citi Field. Citi Field is located in Queens and can be accessed by subway. A game ticket price varies depending on where you sit. Go through dependable online sites and secure your ticket.

4. Check Out the Bronx Zoo

This is one of the largest urban zoos in the world, covering 265 acres. Generally, the zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals, representing more than 650 species. Highlights include the Congo Gorilla Forest, the Tiger Mountain Exhibit, and the Himalayan Highlands. No wonder it’s a must-see when traveling to New York!

The zoo also offers a variety of educational programs, including behind-the-scenes tours, animal keeper talks, and hands-on activities. If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your family, the Bronx Zoo is a great option. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. 

The Bronx Zoo is one of the most affordable attractions in New York City. Admission for adults (ages 13 and up) is $41.95 and children (ages 3-12) is $31.95. Seniors (65+) and students with valid IDs can get in for $36.95. There are also a variety of combo tickets available that include admission to other attractions, such as the New York Aquarium or the Central Park Zoo.

5. Visit the Museum of Modern Art

The museum houses a collection of more than 150,000 pieces of art, ranging from paintings and sculptures to photographs and prints. Some famous works displayed at the MoMA include Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, and Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.

The Museum of Modern Art is open seven days a week. There are also a variety of combo tickets available that include admission to other attractions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Brooklyn Museum. It’s truly a must-see when traveling to New York.

statue of liberty is another popular destination when traveling to New York

6. Visit the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty tops most people’s lists when traveling to New York The statue, a gift from France, was dedicated in 1886 and has since become an icon of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, which can be accessed by ferry. The ferry ride from Manhattan to Liberty Island takes about 30 minutes. Once on the island, you can take a self-guided tour of the statue or join a ranger-led tour. 

The Statue of Liberty is open every day except for Christmas Day. The best time to visit Ellis Island and New York City is from April to June and September to early November when the weather is warm and comfortable. The city comes alive during these months as tourists flock to see the sights and enjoy the outdoors. 

However, hotel rates are at their highest during these times. If you want to save money, consider visiting during the winter or early spring. While you may have to deal with some cold weather, you’ll find that hotel rates are much lower, and there are fewer crowds. 

sunrise in the city

7. Visit the High Line

The High Line is another must-see when traveling to New York. public park built on an abandoned elevated railway line. The Park stretches for 1.45 miles (2.33 kilometers) and runs through Manhattan’s Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods.

The High Line offers stunning views of the cityscape and a variety of plant life and public art installations. The Park is also home to various events and programs, such as concerts, movies, and yoga classes. The High Line is open daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and offers free admission.

New York City is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fun and exciting vacation. There are various things to do, from visiting museums and art galleries to taking walks in the Park and riding the ferry to Liberty Island. Keep these things in mind when planning your trip; you’re sure to have a fantastic time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.