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Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier – Review

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Feel Better with the Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier

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A few weeks ago my husband came home from work sniffling and sneezing. By the end of the week, we are all struck down with a horrid cold. While I do not like being sick, I absolutely cannot stand being congested, especially when it gets to the point where blowing your nose has zero effect. There is nothing worse than lying in bed at night trying to sleep with your sinuses so stuffed up your head feels like it weighs a ton, your only hope for survival to breathe through your mouth. Every time I get this way, there is one thing in my cold-fighting arsenal I always turn to –  a humidifier.

VICKS Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Hunidifier

As adults we all know how hard it is for us to fall asleep when feeling terrible, and as parents we know it’s even harder for our little ones.  That’s where a humidifier like the Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier comes in. Made specifically with children in mind, this adorable humidifier combines the congestion relief and comforting power of a cool mist humidifier with soothing, colorful images to help ease your little one into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep. And if that isn’t neat enough, you also have the ability to add aromatherapy by placing Vicks Scent Pads into a specially designed compartment, filling the room with long-lasting, soothing vapors.

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier front

The Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier is filter-free and features a huge 1 gallon tank which holds enough water to last up to 24 hours.  It quietly releases ultra-fine cool mist into the air providing much-needed comfort and relief all night (and day) long. You can easily adjust the level of humidity by using the knob on the front of the machine, and once empty, it will automatically shut off.  

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier close up

While the cool mist works to help ease cold and flu symptoms, the Sweet Dreams projector turns your child’s bedroom ceiling into an animal-filled safari, a star-filled sky, or an underwater adventure

. Each theme features three images which the projector slowly cycles through automatically, distracting your child from the uncomfortable symptoms of being sick. When you want to change themes, simply slide the projector switch to the dream theme icon of your choice. Another neat feature is that the projector is independently controlled and can run without the mist so it can be used whenever your children want to spark their imaginations.    

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier projection images

As I mentioned above, the Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier also provides you with the option to use aromatherapy.  There is a small compartment on the side of the humidifier where you can add a Vicks VapoPad scented pad so that it releases a gentle soothing scent for your little one. Up to two pads can be inserted at once, and you get around 8 hours of use per pad. The VapoPads are available in two scents, Rosemary & Lavender (for 3+ months) and Menthol (for 36+ months); plus, one free pad comes with the unit so you can give it a try. And although I have yet to try this myself, I am betting you can use your own essential oils by placing a few drops on a similar type pad. 

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier vicks pad door

Remember my telling you how both my husband and I were sick a few weeks ago? Well we took advantage of that time to try out this humidifier for ourselves, and it worked wonderfully! Filling it up was a cinch as the tank easily comes off and has two handles for convenient carrying. From there you just unscrew the tank cap and fill it with water.

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier vapor inside

Once we turned it on, I was surprised at how incredibly quiet it really was. Lots of soothing, cooling mist was released into the air, and with the addition of a menthol Vapopad, we were both breathing much easier within minutes. And, yes, we couldn’t resist turning on the projector and checking out the images – all of which were colorful and clear! 

vicks sweet dreams cool mist humidifier main image front

Did you know that humidifiers have many benefits other than relieving the effects of a cold?

  • Prevention: during the cold winter months, the air inside your home becomes much drier due to the use of electric or gas heat and the cold air outside. This dryness causes static electricity and dry, itchy skin. It also causes irritated throat and nasal passages which makes you more vulnerable to illness. My stepson has even had bloody noses caused by the super dry air!  Humidifiers add much-needed moisture back into the air you breathe, helping you to fight off colds and easing the discomfort of overly dry air.
  • Reduces the survival of viruses: maintaining a humidity level between 40-60 per cent can actually reduce the survival of viruses. This means there is less opportunity for them to spread to the other members of your family, keeping them healthy.
  • Relief from cough and congestion: Humidifier can help ease coughs and blocked nasal passages, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep and get back to health quicker.

The Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humdifier comes in pink or blue and provides a wonderfully soothing and enchanting bedtime environment for your children.

Pick it up on Amazon!

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Anna J. White

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Is there a slot to dispense essential oil or would I need to add it to the tank? And if so, does it make it harder to clean or damage the product?

Alaina Bullock

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Hi Anna, There is a special little door on the side where you would insert the Vick's pad. I have started adding my own essential oil to a small cotton pad and using it. There is a picture of the door in the post. I have not noticed it making it any harder to clean, and it definitely does not damage the product. Of course as with all humidifiers, you always want to clean it on a regular basis.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.