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What are the Repair Services Available for Foundation Damage?

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Just as the name indicates, the foundation is the base of a building. If there ever happens to be a problem in the base, you need to be proactive about it. That’s because even the smallest amount of foundation damage can lead to the destruction of the entire building.

Foundation damage repair

If you find any issue that suggests damage to your foundation, the first thing you need to do is consult professionals that offer foundation repair. They will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to solve the problem.

Foundation damage repair services

A professional foundation repair team should be able to provide you with the following repair services for foundation damage.

repair services available for foundation damage like this cracked wall

Sealing cracked walls

One of the most common and obvious signs of foundation damage is cracked walls. People often see cracked walls in their homes, but many don’t bother to examine them. Instead, they figure it is a normal part of a building aging. As a result, they tend to ignore it as a non-serious matter or put it off for later.

Unfortunately, some cracks in the walls can be super dangerous. Most importantly, they can be a key indication of foundation damage.

The most common spot to see cracked walls are in the basement. This is because the basement carries the weight of the whole building. These walls need to be strong to withstand the pressure. And they are often cracked due to that immense pressure.

Carbon fibers are used to treat the cracked walls. A professional service will fill any cracks and holes with carbon fibers which will reinforce the walls. These fibers are strong enough to hold the walls together and to hold the weight of the building.

Repairing leaning chimneys

Leaning chimneys are another indication foundation damage. This happens when the soil around the foundation is wet. The water seeps into the foundation and shifts different structures.

Leaning chimneys need to be treated immediately. Contact professionals for this task.

The best solution for repairing a leaning chimney is the use of helical piers. They are screwed deep into the chimney to make it erect. Regardless of the cause of the leaning chimney, the solution lies in the helical piers.

Repairing bowed walls

Bowed walls have very similar causes as cracked walls. They could also be an indication of severe foundation damage.

Helical tiebacks or even wall anchors are used for repairing the bowed walls. These will not only keep the walls erect but will also lessen the impact on the foundation.

Whenever you find an increasing curve in your walls, you need to contact a foundation damage repair service provider.

Leveling uneven concrete

Uneven concrete also results from foundation damage. This also needs to be repaired by professional teams.

Uneven concrete is often due to the change in the arrangement of soil. When the soil beneath the concrete shifts, the concrete becomes uneven automatically. The main reason for the shifting of soil is moisture. This mostly happens in areas around water bodies.

Uneven concrete is the most complicated problem to be solved. You need to even the concrete without opening the area or exposing the soil. Slabjacking systems are most common for this task. Once the soil is made even, the problem is resolved.

In Conclusion

If you ever experience any of the above possible foundation damage issues, contact an expert in foundation damage repair service.

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Monday 2nd of August 2021

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.