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What Goes Into a Bicycle Tour?

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If you haven’t done a bicycle tour before, it is not a decision to be made quickly or taken lightly. You need to give yourself at least a few months in advance of the date to get fully trained and to make the proper preparations.



When it comes to your training schedule, you will want to get in at least three to four rides each week in the months leading up to the tour. Increase your distances gradually and incorporate cardio and strength training as well. As it gets closer to the tour date, you will want to integrate more intensity into your training. Interval training will be helpful to increase your muscles’ endurance to allow for a better threshold when you come across challenging terrain or difficult headwinds. Nutrition and hydration should also be a primary focus during this time, ensuring your body has the proper tools to push itself while giving you the ultimate edge in energy.

Choosing the type of tour is integral in planning for gear, food, and lodging. If you are opting for a guided bike tour, your gear will be provided, as will meals, snacks and drinks. A support van will follow closely to carry your luggage and tools. If you are going solo, you will need to plan ahead to take care of all of these elements on your own. Learn more about prepping and packing for a bicycle tour by clicking on the following infographic.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.