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Why Is My Tap Water Dirty?

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Tap water is typically clear, colorless, and odorless with no sediments or stray particles. Occasionally this isn’t the case, and the water turns foul with rust and deposits. This generally makes the water unfit for drinking and other uses as it could be contaminated.

tap water coming out of kitchen faucet and reasons why tap water is dirty

If you’re wondering about what could be wrong, you could ask your neighbors if they’re having the same problem. This could help determine where the dirty-looking tap water is coming from – especially if it’s general. If none of your neighbors are having the same problem, the underlying cause could be any of what will be discussed below.

Causes of Dirty Tap Water

The causes of dirty tap water can be any of the following:

  • Local plumbing network maintenance: The state water corporation occasionally carries out regular maintenance on the water supply lines. The procedure stops the accumulation of water impurities like sediments, dirt, and rust. After a few hours, this usually passes and your water turns pure.

However, you can prevent this problem by installing a point-of-entry water filter in your home. The filter will make sure that your home’s water supply is clean and free of impurities.

  • Corrosion of the water heater: If the water from your heater is the only one with questionable purity, then it is due to the rust of the water heater.

When the water heater rusts, the water dispensed is dirty because of the sediments present in the water heater. The best solution is to replace the water heater with a new one.

  • Old plumbing pipes: Water pipes are made from galvanized steel, wrought iron, and copper. Water pipes are galvanized against rust and corrosion. However, this protective coating wears out after an extended period. Thus, the line begins to rust mainly on the inside.

Once the rust builds up inside the pipe, it contaminates the water by changing its color to a reddish or orange tinge. The service of a professional plumber will be required to revamp all the old pipes and replace them with new ones.

  • Damage to the main water line: This may cause your water to look dirty and have a disgusting smell or smell like gas. Damage to the main water line is usually caused by temperature, clog, severe weather, poor installation, etc.

A break in the main water network is a severe issue that can lead to leaking or flooding, which can cause property damage. When this occurs, stop using the water and call for a professional to help.

  • Other causes include
    • Sediments
    • Change in water supply
    • Chemical
    • Temperature changes.

Conclusion and Recommendations

For any problem to be solved, it is crucial to identify the root of such a problem; the same goes for your house’s plumbing. Knowing what’s responsible for the dirtiness of your tap is the first and the most crucial step toward clean water.

Also, keeping emergency clean water stored in your house is recommended. This will serve you while the problem of dirty tap water is fixed.

Filter systems like under sink water filters and point-of-entry water filters are low-cost solutions to remove impurities actively from your water.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.