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Wrangling Your Yard – Getting The Garden Under Control

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Is your garden more ‘back of beyond’ than Homes and Gardens? Is it covered in weeds and broken down fences? Do you dream to let the little ones play out there, but dare not? Is an alfresco meal in your yard nothing but a pipe dream? Well, if so, then it sounds likes you need some help in wrangling your yard. Read on for some advice on how to get your outside areas into shape.

getting-the-garden-under-control-mainImage via Pixabay

Tidy It Up

First thing’s first, if your garden a complete tip, then its will be tough even to image how it will look when it’s done. That is why you need to don your gardening gloves, get out your clippers and go at it.

That’s right the first job you need to do it to tidy that yard! Trim back plants and bushes that are overgrown. Weed and mow the law. Pull down rotten fences and move rubble and debris that doesn’t belong there. The aim of this activity is to strip it back as far as possible so, when you’re done, you will see exactly what space you have to work with.


Once you have stripped the yard back to its bare essentials, it will be much easier to see what it might look like once you have given it a makeover. That is why the next stage of your garden adventure is to start to plan what you will do with the space.

Planning a garden is a balance between getting it to look gorgeous but also keeping it practical. A practical garden is one that is easy to maintain, and that is accessible for all the family to enjoy. Bare these two ideas in mind as you plan on how to assign the space.


Once you have settled on a plan, then it’s time to identify what needs to be replaced in the yard. Check the structural integrity of any fences, or outbuildings. Will they pass the test or do they need to be pulled down and replace? Will cleaning work or are they beyond repair?

All County Fence teaches you how to clean a wood fence with bleach so you can increase its life span. Remember wherever possible it’s important to reuse existing items to save money and look after the environment.


Before you spend buckets of money on new lawns and plants, it’s also a good idea to get any new items that you want in installed. Put in things like swimming pools, fire pits, and verandas before the garden is fully stocked. This will minimize the risk or damage to the biological elements of your garden.

Remember also to consider carefully the design on any items that you want to install in your outside space. For example, you will need to make sure that the pool that you choose is big enough for your family. Or that your veranda matches the design of your home. You can check out some of the best backyard pergola designs online before you commit, to make sure they fit into your vision for your garden.

getting-the-garden-under-control-image-1Image via Pixabay


Lastly once all of the physical structures are in, you can get to work on planting your garden. What you plant is entirely up to your own personal taste. Some people prefer a jungle feel with tropical flowers and ferns. While others prefer a more traditional manicured garden with roses and fruits trees. It really is up to you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.