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Six Signs It’s Time For Your Family To Move House

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Knowing when it’s time to move house can be tricky. It can be especially hard if you’ve had a lot of milestones in the house you’re in now, like births, birthdays, and other memorable things. However, the day will usually come when it’s time for your family to move. Here are the six signs it’s time for your family to move house:

six-signs-its-time-for-your-family-to-move-house-mainImage via Pixabay

You’ve Outgrown Your House

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your house? If you can’t move without bumping into somebody or something, then you definitely have. Having more than 2 people to a room is a sign you’ve outgrown it too. This happens to families. The more you grow, and the more stuff you acquire, the smaller your home becomes. Unless you’re willing to extend your home and get rid of some stuff, then you might just need to move house.

Kids Are Moving/Have Moved Out

If your kids are moving out or they have moved out, you might feel like your home is empty. Maybe you have many spare rooms, or you hate the sound of your voice reverberating off the walls. This is a sign you should downsize. Why do you need lots of spare rooms? Think of the bills too. Your bills will be much less expensive if you have a smaller home, so you might even have more money to put towards other things. 

You Dread Getting Home

If you dread getting home because you have many repairs to do or eyesores lurking, it might be time to move. Of course you can get repairs fixed, but if you’re not feeling your home for whatever reason, it could be time for you to move house and make memories in a home you’re happy with.

signs-its-time-for-your-family-to-moveImage via Flickr

Your Neighbors Aren’t Your Kind of People Anymore

Maybe once your neighbors seemed really cool, and the street was hip. But now you’ve got a family, and your neighbors are people you can’t relate to anymore. This might not affect some people, but for others, it’s nice to live in a street of people like them.

Your Street is Headed Downhill

If your street was once bright shiny and new, but now seems to be accumulating graffiti and junk at an alarming rate, it could be time to abandon ship. In some cases, there are things you can do. You could set up a neighborhood watch, for instance, and put up signs. However, there’s no guarantee it’ll get better.

Money is Tight

If you’re finding money is tight since your family has grown, downsizing could be an option. Of course you need enough room for your family, but you also need enough cash too. If money is too tight to mention, it could be worth looking at smaller properties.

Do the signs show that it’s time for you to move house? If they do, don’t panic – there will be something better for you out there!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.