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10 Things You’ll Be Concerned With When You Reach Your Mid 20s

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You’re used to living a happy-go-lucky lifestyle during your teenage years, but as soon as you reach your mid 20s, you’ll be faced with the reality that change has been, and always will be, inevitable. Big or small, good or bad, you’ll experience it all. You’ll make every decision yourself: from as simple as the choice of perfume to finally gaining independence from your family.

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What other concerns might you experience as soon as you hit age 25 years and up? Here are 10 of the most common.

1. Other than your choice of makeup, you’ll learn to be more cautious and concerned about your skin’s condition. Eventually, just a facial wash won’t be enough. From just one or two products in your skin care regimen, you will soon find at least 5 items in your bathroom.

2. A product’s brand will become highly important to you, not because you want to flaunt it, but because you can afford it now. Say hello to designer perfumes and makeup!

3. If you are a hard-drinker and a party animal while in your younger years, you will find yourself losing interest in this type of activity. Instead, you will be looking forward to weekends when you can finally get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

4. Wearing the same garment twice or three times (or even more) will be of little concern to you. When shopping, you will find yourself picking basic items instead of the trendy ones. At the back of your mind, you’ll be more concerned with finding something you can wear multiple times in order to get the most out of its price tag.

5. You’ll soon find that babies are adorable, even if they cry, scream and throw a fit.

6. Given you have a stable and rewarding job, money is no longer an issue for you. It’s easy for you to take the next flight to Hawaii or maybe cross out that expensive skydiving experience on your bucket list.

7. You’ll realize that finishing college is more important than getting that full-time job at a retail store, just so you can earn more and rent out your own place. Sad as this may seem to be, you’ll be comparing your friends’ career and your own. Of course, you want to work behind a desk and a laptop, wearing corporate attire and earning at least $4,000 a month for a start (unless your dream job entails wearing lingerie as a Victoria’s Secret model).

8. One night stands? Not anymore. You’d rather stay by yourself than hook-up with a random stranger. You’re powerful enough to stand on your own and deal with Prince Charming when and if he crosses your path.

9. You’ll work harder than ever to keep your body in shape – and try every diet and exercise program available on the planet just to achieve that body you enjoyed flaunting 6 or 7 years ago. As you get older, you’ll notice that your metabolism doesn’t quite work the same as before. Eventually, you’ll find yourself quitting processed food and carbonated drinks altogether.

10. Friends will either be engaged or married. Some of your friends will even have kids before they walk down the aisle. If you’re the only one left in the group who’s still looking for Mr. Right, chances are you’ll work on complete attendance at speed dating events, online and even mobile dating apps. You can deny it now, but being in a stable relationship before you reach the big 30 is a dream – an achievement even – for women who are trying to beat the calendar.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.