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4 Easy First Pets for Children

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When choosing first pets for children, you have to be very particular to ensure that you choose one that will not pose any physical or health risk to your child. There are various pets that are not only safe but are also fun for your children to have. Some like fish help nurture a sense of responsibility as you must teach your child how to feed and take good care of the fish. Apart from fish, here are four easy first pets for children. 

first pets for children two puppies


Dogs are some of the most popular pets that people keep in their homes. There are different types of dogs. The kind of dog you get for your child will depend on several factors. Consider the age and gender of your child as well as the child’s mannerism and likes. Bigger breeds are more suitable for boys, while most girls deal well with the smaller breeds. Consider the dog’s training and its age too. There are some animals that are not very well trained to be around children. Also, consider the dog’s health. Some of the breeds that are most popular with children include boxers, golden retrievers and beagles among others.


Another popular pet kept in many homes is a cat. Cats are generally good if you have a limited home space. Unlike dogs, cats are fiercely independent but still warm and homely. The good thing is that most cats know how to fend for themselves and do not need constant attention like dogs, but still need occasional veterinary visits and immunizations. Cats enjoy being cuddled and most like a lot of human interaction. However, ask your local animal shelter for advice before getting for one.


Birds are some of the best first pets for children anyone can have. There are a variety of bird pets that one can keep or have for their children. Pigeons, for instance, are amazing and very social birds. Once they get comfortable within your compound, they can interact in a very sociable manner with your children. The good thing with pigeons is that they only require a place they can make a home since they can fly out and fend for themselves.

However, you also need to teach your children to feed them to have them stay around home. Hens and other non-flying birds like ducks and geese can also be good pets, but they require special attention.


Though not very common, some reptiles can also make really nice first pets for children. Animals like tortoises and some species of snakes are interesting pets, if you have children with really thick skins! Some people are now keeping even chameleons as pets. The choice all boils down to your child likes and interests, and most importantly their safety. The safest amongst reptiles would be docile and friendly reptiles like tortoises. Ensure though, that you have the right environment to take care of such pets and that your child has an interest in the same.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.