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4 Simple Eco-Friendly Tips for Travel

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Today, it is trendy to be eco-friendly. This lifestyle is supported by millions of people worldwide, including students. While many young adults are beginning to understand the importance of saving the environment, they do not always know-how, especially when traveling. Below, you will find 4 eco-friendly tips for travel so you as a student can do your part while enjoying your travels.

eco-friendly tips for travel

Select a “Green” Destination

One of our biggest eco-friendly tips for travel is to choose your destination wisely. Instead of choosing a noisy metropolis and popular resorts like those in Spain or Egypt, think about more exotic destinations that are focused on going “green.” These countries are rich for their ecosystem, starting from mountains and finishing with beautiful beaches by the sea.

Think about such locations as Portugal, Sri Lanka, Lake Tahoe, and post-Yugoslavia (e.g., Montenegro). Those destinations are perfect for people who care about nature and the future of their kids. Check out the full list offered by the sustainable top 100 destination awards to pick the location of your taste.

Not many people are visiting such places, yet. These countries are dedicated to fighting against global climate change as well as protecting and preserving ecological systems of different types and kinds. Many of these populations are doing their best to protect natural habitats while others are promoting sustainable tourism.

Avoid the Buffet in a Hotel

Avoiding the buffet in your hotel is another of our eco-friendly tips for travel. Currently, forty percent of the food waste in the US comes from the resort industry. That is what statistics say. Instead of supporting the restaurant business in hotels – consider finding something more affordable to eat elsewhere in the city center or downtown.

Try various places instead of having the same meals every day. And don’t worry about expensive restaurants – you can find plenty of various cafes full of tasty menus at low prices.

eco-friendly tips for travel choose a green destination

When Buying Souvenirs Matters and Makes Sense

The next of our eco-friendly tips for travel has to do with souvenirs. When local citizens suggest souvenirs to you look at it as another chance to help the environment. Imported souvenirs possess a greater carbon footprint than those produced by the local masters.

Plus, it’s important to support domestic manufacturers. By paying local artists who are selling their works you are providing them with the financial means necessary to support themselves and their family. In addition, by buying locally, you are helping to preserve customs and traditions.

A word of caution: it is not necessary to buy stuff in every store that you see. You can share this tip with your classmates in a paper about your vacation. If you do not know how to compose a story, look for a “write my essay” company online.

Bring Your Own Personal Amenities

Of course, you want to look your best on your travels and meet new interesting people, make friends. And in order to do this, you need shampoo, conditioner, soap, and styling products. While many hotels offer these amenities, it’s best if you bring your own.

One reason is that you do not know if the offered items are truly unused or reused. Secondly, the amenities offered may not be the best for your skin and hair. Plus, not all hotels offer these amenities for free or even offer them at all.

Most important though, is the amount of plastic waste that is produced when you use these things. Think about the number of bottles and wrappers that are thrown away each time a hotel guest uses the offered amenities. It really adds up!

Final Thoughts on Eco-friendly Tips for Travel

Next time you hit the road to explore, remember these simple eco-friendly tips for travel to do your part in making our planet a greener place to live.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.