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How Decaf Coffee Can Help Your Mood

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Any coffee lover will tell you that the beverage is a necessary evil. It is the perfect remedy for creaky mornings or late nights. However, if you want to limit your caffeine consumption but are still looking to enjoy a good cup of coffee, decaffeinated coffee is a great alternative. Commonly referred to as decaf, this kind of coffee comes with an array of perks. It not only excites your taste buds but also uplifts you. Feeling low? A cup of decaf coffee will help your mood in the following ways:

woman drinking decaf coffee

Moderates Depression

If you are a bit depressed, decaf coffee will elevate your mood shortly after its intake. While too much consumption of regular coffee is associated with anxiety and lack of sleep, decaffeinated coffee is known for its relaxing effects. The feeling that you get when drinking this coffee is similar to the production of dopamine in your body (the feel-good hormone). As such, it easily alleviates depression and instantly puts you in a relaxed mood.

Decaff Coffee Excites the Brain

Let’s face it — when your brain is excited, your entire body falls into the same pattern. As such, you cannot be excited and be in a bad mood at the same time. A cup of decaffeinated coffee a day excites the brain in tremendous ways and improves your mood. Your brain is aware of the arousal you are seeking by drinking coffee. Every sip of your decaf coffee will tap into the reward systems that your brain has created. Inevitably, this will make you feel good inside and out.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that too much caffeine causes anxiety? On the other hand, decreasing your caffeine intake naturally reduces stress and anxiety. In comparison to regular coffee, decaffeinated introduces a calming sense in the body. This is because of its vitamin B3 and trigonelline constituents that have a calming effect. Needless to say, it will do wonders for your overall mood. When you are anxious and jittery, you are easily agitated. However, calmness and positivity go hand in hand. Whenever you are in a high-pressure situation, decaf coffee is exactly what you need.

Promotes Better Sleep

Unlike caffeinated coffee that binds adenosine receptors and increases the brain’s alertness, decaffeinated coffee ensures that these receptors flow freely through the body. They play an instrumental role in letting the body know that it is tired and needs rest. When you get sufficient sleep, you will wake up in the best mood to work and take on the day.

cup of decaf coffee

There you go! 4 ways that decaffeinated coffee can help your mood! This beverage has recently gained popularity amongst a majority of coffee drinkers because of all the health benefits that it brings. The fact that it goes through an extraction process that rids it of caffeine makes it even more desirable. Every cup of decaf coffee you drink will make you feel elated. It will act upon your nervous system in the fastest way possible, taking your mood to an all-time high.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.