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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Cut Down on Waste

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Waste is a problem for any home. It seems people don’t know how to stop making a mess. If you try to live an eco-friendly life, it can be hard seeing your home contribute to this. Over your whole life, you’ve probably added to the piles of garbage resting on landfills right now. Enough is enough though. It’s time to cut down on waste. Here’s 5 eco-friendly ways you can do that.

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Buy Better Packaging
A lot of waste comes from packaging. To avoid creating this kind of waste you need to pay attention to the packaging of the products you buy. Try always to get a product that has biodegradable packaging or can be recycled. You can’t stop buying things altogether, but you can at least try to cut down on the amount of unusable waste your home produces. Be sure to check the box or plastic packaging any of your purchases comes in.

Buy Recycled Furniture
It might not seem like much, but buying recycled furniture can help cut down on waste. The waste may not be from your home exactly, but a lot of wood and materials are wasted in the creation of new furniture. To help save the trees, don’t buy new furniture.

Better yet, try to recycle your old furniture yourself and keep the chain of recycling going. If you can’t find an immediate buyer, just put the old furniture in public storage for the time being. You can get it out again when you have an interested buyer.

Household food waste is enormous. Even if you finish everything in the fridge before you buy more or never leave an uneaten meal. We create so much food waste and throw it all away when we could be using it for the purposes of composting in our gardens. Compost helps feed plants. It makes the soil extra fertile. If you want to grow flowers or other plants in your garden, you’ll need it to keep them well nourished. Get a composting bin and throw your food waste and grass clippings in there.

Grow Your Own
As an additional point to the last one, how about trying to grow your food instead of buying it? No need to worry about it not being fresh then. Not to mention you’ll never have to worry about the packaging again either. You can’t grow everything in your garden, but you can get a selection of seasonal vegetables growing. At least during the spring and summer you should be able to feed yourself from the contents of your garden alone.

Use Less Electricity
Yes, you can waste electricity too. In fact, this might be the most harmful waste to the environment out there. If you leave a light on in an empty room, you use a lot more electricity. That electricity is likely made through the burning of fossil fuels. Not only does the smoke directly pollute our environment, but the digging for coal and oil damages our countryside beyond repair and turns it into a wasteland. Never use more electricity than you need to.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.