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5 Tips for Making Espresso at Home

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Do you find yourself visiting your local coffee shop regularly, simply to order espresso? While coffee is something most people can easily make at home, espresso is one of those things that can scare a person off if they aren’t familiar with how to make it. The good news is espresso making has come a long way and evolved so that now you’ve got a few different methods and easy-to-understand tips that can be applied. So here are five tips for making espresso at home.

tips on making espresso at home so you can have a shot like this one

It’s All About the Beans

The first tip on making espresso at home is to be aware of the beans you’re using. If you’re not using high-quality fresh beans, your espresso won’t taste good. It’s that simple. The fresher the beans are, the better they will taste. This means if you’re buying beans, only purchase what you will use in a week or two.

Once you bring the beans home they should be stored in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and not in the fridge or freezer. You can grind what you need, as needed.

Invest In a Proper Kitchen Scale

Eyeballing how much coffee grinds are needed is not a wise plan when it comes to making espresso at home. Any expert will tell you that the grinds should be carefully measured so you get just the right amount for each shot. A small kitchen scale will prove invaluable, and there’s a good chance you’ll start using it for cooking and baking since it is such an accurate form of measurement.

A French Press Feels Classic and Authentic

In terms of making the espresso, one of the most common options is the French Press. It’s an elegant and classic way to make your shot. While these devices do have a learning curve, once you get the hang of it you’ll find it’s easy enough. However, you need to have spare time available if you plan on using the French press.

With the French press, there are preparation steps involved such as grinding the beans and boiling water, then there is the brewing period, which is four minutes, followed by the plunging. It’s easy to see how this isn’t going to be practical for all.

Make Life Easy and Use a Nespresso

If you want to make life easy and don’t have time to fiddle with all the steps of a French press machine or a high-end professional espresso maker, a Nespresso is your absolute best bet.

The machines aren’t oversized like the high-end espresso makers so you can easily fit one on the counter, and it’s as easy as opening the top of the machine, popping the capsule in, closing the lid, and pressing the proper button.

As a bonus, there are a large variety of capsules to choose from so you aren’t stuck drinking the same ones over and over. It definitely makes making espresso at home a breeze!

There is no learning curve or tedious clean-up to deal with when using a Nespresso, it’s very similar to the popular Keurig style machine.

shot of espresso in a cup by a laptop computer

A Milk Frother Will Change the Game

When making fantastic espresso at home, if you want to make it just like the coffee shop, be sure to also pick up a milk frother. Look for one that not only froths but also steams the milk, which you can then gently pour onto the top of the espresso. The milk frother can also be used for other drinks such as lattes.

Experience Espresso at Home

Thanks to these tips you can stop spending money at the coffee shop and start making fantastic espresso at home. It’s all about having good quality beans and the right equipment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.