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6 Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Definitely Avoid

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Are you satisfied with what your hair looks like? If not, you are not the only one. Many people out there feel that way, and while it might be tempting to get your hands on a pair of left-hand hair scissors and cut it short, it might not be the solution that you are looking for.

Instead, it might be that you are making hair care mistakes that are secretly damaging your hair and are completely unaware of it. Because of that, you should analyze your hair care routine and find the source of the problem, and this article will help you do just that!

Here, you will find a list of the most common hair care mistakes, including blow-drying your hair when it is dripping wet, washing your hair too often, using the wrong hairbrush, using products that are too harsh, combing wet hair from roots to ends, and not using a heat protectant. Check it out and change your hair care routine for the better!

blow drying wet hair is one of the most common hair care mistakes

Blow-Drying Your Hair When It Is Dripping Wet

Do you blow-dry your hair when it is dripping wet? In that case, you should definitely stop! The reason for avoiding this common hair care mistake is that when your hair is that wet, it is incredibly susceptible to heat damage, meaning that using heat styling tools on such wet hair is a recipe for split ends and breakage.

Instead, it would be better if you just wrapped your hair in a towel for an hour and then blow-dried your hair. Other than that, you can always wash your hair in the evenings and wake up with dry hair. It might seem like it takes too long, but it is something that is definitely worth doing if you want to protect your hair.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

Another common hair care mistakes is washing your hair too often. If you wash your hair every single day, stop! You might feel like your hair is way too greasy and has to be washed that often, but in reality, frequent washing only makes the situation worse, as it gets rids of the natural oils on your scalp. This, in turn, causes your scalp to produce more oils than it should be producing. Instead, it would be better if you washed your hair up to three times a week.

Using the Wrong Hairbrush

Next on our list of hair care mistakes is using the wrong brush. The wrong hair brush can cause frizzy hair and breakage. Ideally, you should brush your hair with a hair brush that has soft bristles, as it will minimize frizz and split ends. If you prefer to use a comb, use a wide toothed comb instead of a regular one. Wide toothed combs have thicker teeth, which allow larger amounts of hair through and prevent breakage.

Using Products That Are Too Harsh

You might be keen on using hair care products that have strong effects and are cheap. However, such an approach does more harm than good, as most such products contain harsh chemicals which will strip your hair of its natural oils and cause damage to the hair shafts. Instead of making the common hair care mistake of using such products, start using the ones that are gentle and made with natural ingredients, such as olive oil and lavender oil. They might not be cheap, but they will not harm your hair!

Combing Wet Hair From Roots To Ends

Do you make the hair care mistake of combing or brushing your hair when it’s still wet? Many people comb their wet hair from roots to ends in an attempt to detangle it, but it is something that you should definitely avoid doing. If you keep on combing your hair that way, you will cause breakage, which means that if you do not break this habit, your hair is likely to end up being thin and brittle. In order to avoid this problem, comb your hair from ends to roots. Begin detangling it closer to its ends, and gradually work your way up.

Not Using A Heat Protectant

Next up on our list of hair care mistakes is not using a heat protectant. Have you ever used a heat protectant? If not, you definitely should! It is important that you use one, particularly if you use heat styling tools, such as flat irons and curling irons, on a regular basis. It will help smooth down your hair and protect it from breakage when you use heat.

In order to get the most out of your heat protectant, go for one that will protect your hair from the kind of heat that you use to style it. For instance, if you tend to set your blow dryer to 400 degrees, using a heat protectant that can guard up to 350 degrees will be pointless. In addition to that, your heat protectant should contain keratin and combat frizz.

In Conclusion

To sum up, there are many hair care mistakes that people make on a regular basis, including using the wrong hairbrushes and washing their hair too often. They might be difficult to avoid, but if you do not take action, your hair will definitely suffer the consequences.

Because of that, you should take your time and analyze what is wrong with your hair care routine. Then, come up with a routine that is gentle on your hair. Once you have done that, your hair should get thicker and stronger in no time!

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