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7 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Cool During the Sweltering Summer Months

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Although the official start of summer is still a month away, down here in the south it already feels as though summer is here to stay. While the heat and humidity make things uncomfortable for us outside, getting into a car that has been parked in hot weather can feel like being roasted alive. Use the following tips and tricks to help keep your car cool and comfy during the sweltering southern summers.

Keep your Car Cool tips

Park in Covered Parking or a Shady Area

Whenever possible, park your car in a covered area, garage or even the shade shady. Even if you have to walk a bit further it’s well worth it in order to return to a cooler car.

Another trick is to attempt to park facing away from the sun so that most of the sunlight will go into the back of your car.

Interior Feel Like An Inferno?

One tried and true method for keeping your car’s interior cool is to use a sunshade or visor. Put one up every time you exit your car for more than just a few minutes. Keep it even cooler by putting a sunshade in your rear window as well.

Once in your car, cool down more quickly by driving with the windows rolled down and the air conditioner cranked up. This will quickly force out the hot air and allow the cool air to circulate. After a few minutes, you’ll be ready to roll up the windows. 

Too Hot to Touch?

Use a fabric or upholstered dash cover to help make your car’s interior more comfortable. If you don’t have to touch hit surfaces, you won’t feel as overwhelmed by the heat. Plus, as an added bonus, a dash cover also help protect your dashboard and interior from sun damage including cracking and fading.

For those with vinyl or leather seats, toss blankets over them. Then, when you return to the car, you can simply toss them in the trunk.

Another idea is to invest in a cooling seat cover. These gel or crystal infused seat covers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, and are a much better option than sitting on hot and sticky seats.

Scorching Hot Steering Wheel?

Speaking of too hot to touch, how many times have you gotten in your car and grabbed the steering wheel only to burn your hands? Prevent this by turning the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car. That way, the side you touch is in the shade while you’re out and about. Another option would be to cover your steering wheel with a hand towel.

No AC?

If your car doesn’t have air conditioning or if it needs an extra boost, try a solar-powered car fan. These small fans can be mounted on an open window, working to expel hot air from the car while creating constant air circulation. Just keep in mind that if you have tinted windows, it’s likely they will interfere with the fan’s function.

Keep Windows Slightly Cracked

While you should never leave your windows all the way open, it can help a lot to leave them slightly cracked.  Even a tiny crack can help ventilation and keep your car cooler. Just be sure to double check that you can’t fit your arm through the crack. 

Invest in a Remote Starter

Remote starters will allow you to start your car before you enter with the simple push of a button. Your AC will be blasting away, cooling your car down quickly before you jump in.  Shop around online to get an idea of options that will fit your budget. 

While these tips are great for keeping the interior of your car cool, remember that regular, seasonal maintenance can help lower the odds of mechanical trouble. Before you hit the road for your summer vacation, schedule an appointment with a certified mechanic at Akins Dodge Jeep Chrysler in Winder, Georgia.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.