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Alcohol Detox – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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Alcohol Detox – On the Road to Healthy

You probably have a lot of new year’s resolutions that you intend on keeping throughout the year. Generally speaking, most people’s resolutions are health and fitness related. That is probably because we have just had Christmas – one of the unhealthiest times of the year!

Alcohol Detox

Lots of people try and get their health and fitness back on track after Christmas by giving up alcohol in January. Are you interested in having a month off the booze? Here is everything you should know about an alcohol detox.

Alcohol Detox veggie

It Won’t Be Easy

No matter how dedicated you are, you won’t find giving up alcohol easy at all. Especially if you enjoyed it a lot more than you usually do over Christmas! That’s because it takes a few days for all the traces of alcohol to leave your body completely. During this time, you may find that you crave alcohol.

And that’s not all, though. Alcohol is very high in sugar, which means that you should expect a sugar crash around your tenth alcohol-free day. This is when your cravings could kick in again. The best way to get past this point is to make sure you are eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, so your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Alcohol Detox

It’s A Lot Safer For Everyone

When we drink too much, we often put other people at risk as well as ourselves. For instance, if you get caught drink driving, you won’t just have to worry about affording a lawyer to represent you in court, but you could also be putting other road users’ lives at risk. If you don’t drink for a month, you are erasing this risk altogether. Plus, you are also removing any risk of getting into any other accidents from occurring in your own home.

Alcohol Detox

You Will Have A Lot More Energy Each Day

When we drink, our sleep is usually broken. If you do manage to get a full night’s sleep, it won’t be of a very high quality. When people go on an alcohol detox for a month, they find that the first benefit they notice is that their sleep rapidly improves. You will be able to sleep through the night without any interruptions.

Not only that, though, but the quality of your sleep will improve. That means you will always wake up feeling very refreshed and ready to face the day. You’ll also find that your energy levels stay high throughout the entire day!

It’s Great For Your Bank Balance

When you aren’t spending money on alcohol, you will find that you have a lot more money at the end of the month. You can use this to treat your family, or you could save and invest it. Whatever you choose to do with all this extra money will certainly be a lot better than spending it on beer, wine, and spirits!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.