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Some Amazing Facts About Energy Use In Your Home

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We all know that the less energy we use in our homes, the better. But do you understand which elements of your home are using the most energy and how you can cut down your usage just a little bit? We have a quick guide to how much you are using in your daily appliances.

Some Amazing Facts About Energy Use In Your HomeImage via Pexels

Most homes have a television and much more have multiple TV’s including the main in their family room.  TVs and set-top boxes to account for some 75% of all electricity consumption within the consumer electronics sector. If you are watching on a plasma TV thinking you are doing the environment a good turn having the latest model. The newest LED TV’s use up to 50% less power than plasma sets, although they still use more energy than the older LCD sets. Remember that the TV is still draining energy when it is on standby so always switch them off at the wall when you are going out or heading to bed.

Heading into the kitchen, your fridge or freezer will be on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day which means you are going to be using a lot of energy.  In fact around 17% of the energy used is attributed to your fridge/freezer. This is why it is important to ensure you are using an energy efficient model.

By law, all new units must carry the energy label rating.  Larger models will use more electricity and chest freezers seem to be more energy efficient than the more popular upright ones. Frost free will use more power than the units you need to defrost yourself. So think about what matters more to you, time or energy used.

There are lots of energy efficiency experts who can come to your home and look at how efficiently you are running. Heat is one of the biggest wastes of energy from our homes, so finding out how to make your house a little more insulated could save you a fortune.

Your toilet accounts for 30-40% of total household water usage. If you have an old one, then it can use 9 litres of water per flush! You can use a Hippos Water Saver in your cistern which can reduce the amount you flush. You could also use Variflush.

If you want to have an eco boost, then you could turn your house into an eco home. While it is a pretty big job, if you are looking to build an extension, then it could be an option.  You could use solar panels to heat your water, create more south facing windows and ensure you have double glazing. If you want to get really green, then you could half bury your house! This means you will save energy and reduce the visual impact it has on the world. Creating more green spaces!

We can all make huge savings to our outgoings and reduce the impact our homes have on the environment. Just take your time, understand what your appliances use and then slowly ensure you have the most efficient units on the market.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.