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How To Make Your Family Room More Eco-Friendly

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It’s so important to consider the environment when we are making choices for our home. But a lot of people don’t know how they can make their home more eco-friendly. Here are several ways we can make our family room more eco-friendly.

Turn off electronics when done

It’s so easy to head to bed and leave a plug or two on in your family room. But you will end up using a lot of electricity, and it’s a waste to the environment. Therefore, when you go to bed, you need to ensure you have turned off the light and turn off the television at the plug. Leaving the TV on standby is still using electricity, as is leaving your computer on. As we talked about previously, you can easily end up causing damage to the environment by using too much electricity.

How To Make Your Family Room More Eco-Friendly power-button-on-tv-remoteImage via Public Domain Pictures

Use an eco-friendly bulb

Another way you can make your family room eco-friendly is by using an environmentally friendly bulb. You can save up to 66% more energy by using a bulb such as a Compact Fluorescent lightbulb (CFL). You won’t notice much of a difference when you are in your lounge, but you will know you are helping the environment. You will notice you will be saving money on your bill as well.

How To Make Your Family Room More Eco-Friendly lightbulbsImage via

Limit your furniture to a few pieces

A lot of people fill their family room with a lot of furniture that they don’t actually need. Consider how much of your furniture you need in your family room for your family. You should stick to buying just a couple of good quality furniture pieces. You know they will last ages as they are good quality. When you buy cheap furniture, you end up having to replace it more often which is not good for the environment. You could buy recycled furniture as it’s more eco-friendly. Once you have used them, you can pass them on to someone else to use.

How To Make Your Family Room More Eco-Friendly use less furnitureImage via Pixabay

Use less heating in lounge

Another way you can make your family room more eco-friendly is by using less heating. Try and limit the time the radiators are on in there to just a couple of hours in the evening. Use the fireplace instead if you have one for an hour or two. Or you can get some comfy throws to keep yourself warm while sitting on the sofa. You don’t need the radiators on during the day when you are not in there.  

Let the sun in

If you want to make your family room more eco-friendly, you should consider using natural light to light your home. Keep your blinds up during the day and open your shutters as it will let your lounge warm naturally in the sunlight. As this article reveals, using natural light is one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly ways to help get your home warm.

How To Make Your Family Room More Eco-Friendly let sunlight inImage via Pixabay


Follow the tips above and you will feel much better about helping the environment. Now that you’ve learned some ways to make your family room more eco-friendly, this article has some great tips for making the rest of your home green, too!

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