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Bag Yourself The Most Comfortable Furniture There Has Ever Bean

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Beanbag chairs were a childhood favorite of many of us. But you don’t see all too many in our adult homes. They remain confined to children’s playrooms and teen’s bedrooms. But why? When does our love for the quirky form of furniture end? Is there some mandate which requires you to forfeit bean bags as soon as you come of a certain age? Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. But we’re still set on the idea that beanbags aren’t a no-go for adults. Here are a few reasons why you might like to consider incorporating beanbags into your home design.

most-comfortable-furniture-bean-bags-image-3aImage via Flickr

They’re Comfortable

There, we said it. Bean bags are comfortable. As adults, we’re taught that style comes before substance. But would you rather perch yourself on a hard, stiff, upright chair than sink into an all-consuming pile of beans? Your home is your home. The aesthetic should reflect your personal style. But you should also be able to sit back and relax in it. 

Believe It Or Not, They Can Aesthetically Attractive

Okay, we admit that some of the beanbags we grew up with aren’t exactly fashion choice of the century. But not all beanbags are small, half deflated sorry sacks with cartoon characters plastered all over them. There are some well designed ones out there now. A great example is the nostalgic design of a beanbag in the shape of one of the world’s favorite Pokemon, Snorlax. Other eccentric designs come in the shape of animals, such as bears. But you don’t have to be wild and wacky to have an attractive beanbag. There are plenty of plain and subtle designs out there. Varying fabrics can add to the comfort and the appearance of your chosen beanbag. Want a little more space? Well, giant bean bags will cater to you perfectly. These can reach the size of a full sofa and can seat around three people at once.

most-comfortable-furniture-bean-bags-2Image via wikimedia

They’re Good For Work

You should be comfortable while you work. This might be the reason behind many employers and universities offering communal bean-bag filled spaces for their employees and students to work from. They create a more casual atmosphere and can get the creative juices and conversation flowing.

most-comfortable-furniture-bean-bags-image-1Image via Public Domain Pictures

They’re Even Better For Play

Festivals and beaches often have bean bag areas for tired party goers and explorers to lean back and relax in. Beanbags can create an informal, relaxed and comforting atmosphere near enough anywhere. They’re easier to set up than hammocks and will probably last longer, as long as they’re used correctly. In the home, they provide the perfect piece of furniture to read from or watch films in. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, so can be moved from room to room more easily than near enough any other kind of furniture. This is also a plus for students, who may have little space, but a comfortable place to sit that can be transported easily between accommodation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.