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Kitty Cat Face Painting Tutorial – Halloween

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Halloween Kitty Cat Face Painting Tutorial – Snazaroo Face Paints


With Halloween just a few weeks away, I figured there’s no better time to share a fun Halloween Face Painting Tutorial! This step-by-step Kitty Cat face painting tutorial is easy- to-follow and perfect for Trick-or-Treaters and cat-lovers of any age! Once finished, simply add ears and a tail, along with either a leotard and stockings or dark pants and shirt —and you have a purrrfectly precious kitty cat costume!

Paint a smile this Halloween with this adorable Kitty Cat face painting tutorial and Snazaroo face paints! Easy-to-make and easy-to-use! #Snazoween

Using Snazaroo Face Paints, this adorable Kitty Cat face painting took us only about 20 minutes to complete. Depending on how wiggly and patient your child is, it could take you even less time. 😉 So, ready to how to turn your trick-or-treater into a cuddly kitty?

Kitty Cat Face Painting Tutorial for Halloween

You Will Need

Snazaroo White Face Paint
Snazaroo Black Face Paint
Snazaroo Pink Face Paint (optional)
Snazaroo high density sponge / make up sponge
Face painting brushes (preferably small and medium if you have both.)

What To Do

kitty cat face painting tutorial use sponge to add white base

Sponge a semi-light base of White all over the face.
Directly above the mouth, add a second and third coat of white so that part of the face is whiter than the rest.

kitty cat face painting tutorial-add-lines-from-inside-corner-of-eye-to-nose-and-up

Using the photos as your guide, take the medium brush and black paint and add the lines that go around the eyes. Begin by painting a slightly curved line of black from the inside corner of the eye out to the bridge of the nose and then up the outside ridge of the nose to right above the eyebrow.

kitty cat face painting tutorial add-line-up-and-around-the-eye

Now continue that line around the top side of the eyebrow and back down ending a bit lower than the outside corner of the eye. I went about .5″ higher than her natural eyebrows, and took the line outwards almost to her hairline. From there I added three short lines radiating out from the outside corner of the eye.

kitty cat face painting tutorial add-nose

Again using the black paint and medium brush, outline and fill in the nose. Begin by drawing a curved line along the rounded part of the nostril. Repeat on the other side. Then fill it in including the underside.

kitty cat face painting tutorial-and-fill-in-lips

For the mouth, use the medium brush to draw a thick line going from the cupid’s bow of the lips up to the nose. outline the natural shape of the lips in black, continuing the line outwards just a bit from the corners of the mouth. Then come back and fill the lips in.

add-lines-for-the-whiskers-kitty cat face painting tutorial

For the whiskers, use the small paintbrush (if you have one, if not it’s ok) to add three or four lines on each side. 

kitty cat face painting tutorial add-dots-around-the-whiskers

Now simply add five or six black dots in between the upper lip and the nose on each side.

kitty cat face painting tutorial finished

And that’s it! Your kitty cat is ready to go gather some treats!

Optional Highlights
Use a cleansed sponge to very, very lightly dab pink paint around the apples of the cheeks, the eyelids where you would usually put eyeshadow, a tiny bit right above the black on the tip of the nose, and a dab on the chin. 

About Snazaroo Face Paints

kitty cat face painting tutorial snazaroo-paints

Snazaroo face paints are non-toxic, and perfect for sensitive skin without any fragrance or parabens. Even better, the paint washes right off with just soap and water! No heavy scrubbing or creams needed. It was easy to apply, the colors were bold and bright, and the kit had everything we needed including a sponge and a brush. The only thing I wish they had included in this particular kit was a second brush, one with a finer tip for drawing intricate details. Other than that, I loved using Snazaroo face paints and will definitely use it again!

Snazaroo offers face paint in every color you could possibly need as well as a great variety of kits, stencils and stamps. You can order their paints online through Amazon, or find them at a store near you by using their handy Store Locator.

Connect with Snazaroo: website | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

What is your child planning to be this Halloween? 

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Dotty J Boucher

Tuesday 11th of October 2016

What a great job, I am not good at face painting so this definitely is helping me out, .. @tisonlyme143 I also shared this post for you :)

Alaina Bullock

Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Thank you - for the compliment and the shares! I am glad it is helping you out!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.