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The Best Neighborhood Watch is Yourself Watching – CCTV Systems

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Modern technology has provided many innovative ways to secure property against unauthorized access, and with rising crime figures, one needs to consider what security, if any, one has at the family home. To fully understand the situation, one must look at society, and build a profile of the modern house breaker. As with any thief, money is the sole motivation, and in a domestic environment they are looking for small but valuable items, and cash of course. Today’s burglar does not wear a striped T-shirt and carry a swag bag over their shoulder in the dead of night, in fact, most house break-ins occur during the daylight hours, when the house is unoccupied.

cctv systems

Blending in

The modern burglar looks just like anyone else, and is often well dressed, especially in wealthy suburbs. These people are opportunists, and look for an easy entry into a property, and once inside, will scan the entire building in a matter of minutes, then depart, carrying whatever they have accumulated on the short tour. Due to the risky nature of their profession, house breakers do not take risks, there is no need, as there are thousands of homes to choose from. When surveying a possible target, any evidence of CCTV will change their mind, as will signs of an alarm system.

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit TV has been around for decades, and developing technology allows for multiple camera to be positioned, giving one a complete view of all angles of the property. If a person wanted CCTV installation, there are online suppliers who can install a state-of-the-art system to protect the residence from unwanted visitors. It is accepted that CCTV is a major deterrent for the housebreaker, and with the right coverage, the perimeters of the property will be constantly monitored, and the signal sent to the control console, where a split screen will give the occupant a panoramic view of all of angles.

Neighborhood Watch

Keeping one’s eye on a neighbor’s home when they are away is both effective and reassuring, yet there are windows of opportunity, and the rear of the house is both quiet and secluded, providing the necessary cover. One could take the neighborhood watch concept a stage further, with several homeowners, each with their own CCTV system, working together. If each were to aim one camera in the right direction, it would be easy to cover all entry points to the road, at both ends if necessary. To do this, one would need first to call a meeting with the other residents, and after reaching agreement, contact a reputable CCTV supplier. 

CCTV systems offers a cost-effective way to monitor the home, and with remote viewing, one can relax on holiday, knowing all is well at home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.