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How to Control Mosquitoes

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How to Control Mosquitoes

Are mosquitoes giving you a hard time at home? Nothing takes the fun out of your outdoor activities like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes looking for a bite. Aside from inflicting a number of painful bites, these bothersome creatures also transmit diseases. You can control your local mosquito population by limiting the number of places that they can stay on your property. You can also avoid their annoying bites by using the right barriers such as nets and repellents. The following ideas can help you begin to control the mosquitoes around your home.

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Limiting breeding habitats

The mosquitoes in your compound need water to breed. Adult mosquitoes usually lay their eggs in slow moving or stagnant water. They can also lay eggs in leaf litter or moist soil. Basically, in areas where water is likely to collect. When you eliminate the sources of water in your compound, you will be preventing many mosquitoes from staying in your yard. Here are several ways that you can limit their breeding habitats:

  • Clean and unclog your gutters – you should keep your gutters clean and unclogged. Your downspouts also need to drain regularly without leaving puddles of water in your drainage area. You can also reroute them or include extensions that will take the water away.
  • Drilling holes – make sure that you drill holes at the bottom of any containers that you store outdoors. When you drill them on the side, water might still accumulate at the bottom and mosquitoes will breed.
  • Look for areas that are not draining well after it rains. If puddles of water remain three days after raining, you need to regrade the area.
  • Keep your swimming pool chlorinated and cleaned even when not in use. When you go on vacation without chlorinating your pools, you will return to a mosquito hatchery.
  • Remove any items that can hold water from your compound.

Limit adult habitats

Because adult mosquitoes rest on tall weeds and vegetation during the day, you should make your compound less hospitable by mowing down the lawn. This will keep them away and they will not reproduce.

Avoid exposure to mosquitoes

Even when you take all the necessary precautions to get rid of mosquito habitats, some mosquitoes will remain. The only way to limit exposure is by using barriers and repellents. You can also limit your exposure by:

  • Replace your outdoor lighting with yellow bug lights. Although they do not repel insects, mosquitoes might find them unattractive.
  • Use insecticides to control the mosquitoes in your house.
  • Treat your screen houses, clothing, and sunshades with permethrin-based products. These products will repel mosquitoes as well as ticks and last for several washes.
  • Install mesh on your window and door screens without leaving gaps at the edges.

What does not work?

Despite what you hear from your friends, some of the most common control methods do not have any effect on mosquitoes. They include:

  • Bug zappers – although you will hear a satisfying sizzle when you use this device, you should not expect much relief from your yard. It will only kill the mosquitoes that are in your home at that time.
  • Electronic devices – some devices emit sounds that mimic male mosquitoes; they do not work.
  • Bats – while bats eat mosquitoes, they only make up a small part of their diet.

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When looking for mosquito control in NJ, you need to hire the experts. Mosquito control experts usually have experience in dealing with the offending insects. For this reason, you should consider using their services if you want to kill mosquitoes quickly and effectively.

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