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Car Travel with Kids – 8 Essentials for Surviving the Drive

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Car Travel with Kids – How to Survive The Drive

Spring Break is just a month away. Soon students and families across the country will be packing up the car and hitting the road to warmer, sunnier destinations. If you are one of the families traveling with young children, don’t forget the following 7 must-have essentials for car travel with kids! These essentials will help you arrive at your destination with at least a little bit of sanity!

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1. A portable potty and a Roll of T.P.

Most potty training parents are already well aware of the importance of carrying a change of clothes, a package of wipes and possibly even toilet paper. But if you are at that stage and planning on a road trip, bringing a portable potty and toilet paper should be priority number one! Your child is just now learning how to recognize when they need to go, and are still learning how to ‘hold it’. Chances are they won’t be able to hold it until you reach the next exit 15 minutes away – if they will even go in a public potty! Packing a portable potty will make things much easier both in the car and possibly even at a hotel where they may be kid friendly, but not necessarily kid equipped.

2. Pillows

Bringing along your children’s pillows both provides comfort and makes the backseat more comfortable.  Plus they can make a great barrier between fighting siblings!

3. Cheap Car Entertainment

Get a bunch of cheap toys (stickers, figurines/dolls, trinkets, magnifying glass, noise makers, etc). Individually wrap them before hand so part of the fun is unwrapping them or put them into a nifty Travel activity box or bag {we made this one for a friend and it might give you some ideas}.A plastic bucket

4.  Plastic Bucket

If you have a child that tends to get carsick, a plastic bucket is a must! Additionally, bringing along some peppermints, ginger ale, and/or saltines are natural motion sickness remedies that work wonders when it comes to taming tumultuous tummies.

5. Lots of ziplock baggies.

Ziploc baggies are great for everything from holding errant crayons or game pieces to providing a disposable trash recipitical. They are also a great way for your kids to ensure they are eating “their” snack or keeping track of “their” toothbrush. A permanent marker for labeling isn’t a bad thing to have along either.

6. A ball to throw or kick at rest stops

Breaks are a must when traveling with young kids. And although you have plenty to keep them occupied while in the car, taking a 10 or 15 minute break will help them get some of that pent-up energy out – especially if you have a ball along that they can kick and/or throw. Bonus, it also helps keep the kids together in one spot while at rest stops.

7.  A mini first aid kit

Making sure you have a basic first aid kit will make doctoring those little scratches and bumps much easier. We usually carry a small ziploc baggie with some bandages, alcohol wipes and first aid ointment. Oh, and don’t forget the Tylenol – for both kids and adults.

Now that you have everything you need for car travel with kids, there is still one more thing you should do before you hit the road: make sure your car has all it needs! The service team at Patrick Cars can help you ensure your car is ready for Spring Break travel – give them a call today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.