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Cat Scratch Fever? Don’t Declaw! Use Soft Claws!

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As many of you may already know, I am a huge lover of cats, and we have one who we totally adore, Sookie.  There is one thing however I do not adore, and that is her claws!   Not only is it incredibly painful to have her sit on our laps and “knead biscuits”, but we would prefer to keep our furniture in good condition.

Sookie, on the other hand, prefers to use it as her personal scratching posts.  I am adamantly against declawing cats, and we have tried everything else from training with treats and disciplining with spray bottles to placing scratching posts and pads all over the apartment.

We do clip her claws about once a week, but that can be quite stressful on both Sookie and us, and sometimes I really think it makes her scratch even more. Regardless of what we try, Sookie has decided that the furniture is fair game.

Thankfully, I recently had the opportunity to review another option, one I have heard about before but never tried, an innovative, humane product called Soft Claws (also known as Soft Paws).


Soft Claws are non-toxic, vinyl nail caps that you attach to each of your cat’s front claws using a non-toxic adhesive.  They were developed by Dr. Toby Wexler (a vet)  and have been around since 1990.   The nail caps do not hurt the cat, nor do they interfere with the cats natural ability to extend and retract its claws.  Your cat will continue to scratch and make scratching motions without causing any more damage to your furniture and upholstery.

One kit comes with everything you need including 40 nail tips, 2 tubes of adhesive, 6 applicator tips and instructions, that is enough nail caps for four applications to your cats front claws.   According to the package, each application lasts 4 to 6 weeks, which means one pack should last 4 – 6 months.  A kit costs $18.95.


They come in a several different sizes from kittens all the way up to large cats;  the size is determined by the cat’s weight.  When you get your set, test one of the caps, they should fit snugly like a glove. Soft Claws also come in a big selection of bright and fun colors such as pink, purple and red;  in fact, there are even ones with glitter! (talk about Twinkle-Toes!)

A newer version of Soft Claws features the CLS design (Cleat Lock System) which helps the nail cap adhere to the claw better and stay on longer.  These are not yet available for kittens, and are only available in certain colors (clear, blue, green, black, pink, red and orange).


I was sent a kit of the CLS Soft Claws in clear, and you can actually see the little ridges on the inside of the caps.  With the help of my husband, the Soft Claws were actually pretty easy to apply.  Before you pick up your cat, remove the cap from a tube of adhesive and attach one of the included applicators.


My husband held Sookie comfortably in his lap while I helped and took pictures.  First we trimmed her claws just a tiny bit, enough to allow the nail cap to fit all the way down to the base of the claw.  Then using one of the applicator tips, I filled a nail cap about 1/3 full with the adhesive.


Next he extended her claw by gently pressing on the top of her paw with his thumb while his index finger was on the bottom of the paw.  Once it was fully extended, he just slipped the cap all the way on, and then it was on to the next claw.


If you have a cat that is not used to you handling her paws, you might want try gently massaging her paws daily for a week or so to get her used to your touch before trying to apply the Soft Claws.

The instructions do suggest holding the cat for about five minutes after application before releasing her, but I didn’t want to hold her down, so instead I coaxed her to sit next to us on the couch for as long as possible.  Sookie was not even bothered;  it was like she didn’t know we has done anything though she watched us do it!

To be honest, I fully expected her to shake her paws and lick and bite at them, but instead she went about her business as normal!   Over the next few days she occasionally went after her claws, licking and biting, but she did this before we applied the Soft Claws as part of her grooming.  I was worried the caps might come off, but so far, so good.


She still runs and plays, she will sit in our laps and “knead biscuits” (no more pain!), and she still hops up on the backs of the cloth chairs around our table and ‘scratches’.  It has been about three weeks since we originally applied the caps and I make sure to check her claws ever other day or so.  Over the last few days, two of the tips have come off, but I believe this is due to the natural shedding process because I can see some nail inside the caps.

When I checked her claws before applying the new caps, they had that ‘new’ shiny look, they were clean without any glue residue, and I could see nothing wrong with them that would indicate she had pulled them off or that they had fallen off.


One thing I did notice was that there may not be enough applicators to get us through the entire kit.  We have already used two, one the first time and one when I replaced those two nail caps.  Next time we replace a cap, we are going to try to reuse the applicator by sticking a needle down in the tip to break up the dried glue.  I have considered just leaving the applicator on the glue instead of putting the cap back on, but I am afraid it will dry out too quickly, even wrapped with foil.

One Precaution To Mention

The Soft Claw forms a ridge around the base where it meets the claw.  This worries me a bit because I have seen Sookie get her nail caught in things like loops of string or lace.  She will sit there and shake her paw trying to release it, and I have had to come over and free her.  So if you have items like this laying around, maybe consider moving them out of reach.

My Verdict

Of course, how a cat reacts to Soft Claws will vary from cat to cat, but Sookie seems to be okay with them, and my husband and I love them!  Our furniture is no longer sustaining terrible damage, and we no longer have to fear getting scratched when we play with her. We will definitely be using Soft Claws again!

Soft Claws can be purchased directly through the Soft Claws website where you will also find a list of colors and sizes, along with answers to many frequently asked questions.  Soft Claws should be used on inside cats only.  Putting them on a cat who goes outdoors will compromise its ability to defend itself.

Don’t have a cat, but have a dog?  Their nails can do damage too!  Good news!  They make Soft Claws for Dogs!  Check them out here…

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Sasha Cory

Friday 7th of June 2013

Awwww such a cutie! They should make these for humans!


Friday 7th of June 2013

Aaawww! that's neat. no more scratches from kitties paws huh?

Samantha G.

Friday 7th of June 2013

This is too cool! Thanks for sharing-- my MIL would absolutely love these for her cats.

Danielle Royalegacy

Thursday 6th of June 2013

I have seen these before in pet catalogs. I thought they were a great idea, and I still do. I have always thought that I would get these if I ever got a cat.

Mama to 5 blessings

Thursday 6th of June 2013

That is cool I wish they had that when my cat was alive, what a great idea!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.