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Choosing a Quality Polyurethane Fabric for a Commercial Setting? Know this Buying Guide

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Polyurethane is a type of fabric or synthetic fiber that can be created in many ways to be used as different products. When it comes to polyurethane fabric, the fibers made using are several materials – cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. are woven together. Afterward, they are coated with polyurethane to give them a leather-like appearance. The end product obtained is very durable and sturdy.

Polyurethane fabric is used to make various kinds of stretchy clothing. These fibers constitute the main component of lycra, spandex, or elastane, all of which are different names for the same kind of fabric.

polyurethane fabric is being found in more and more articles of clothing these days

What are the Characteristics and Advantages of Polyurethane Fabric?

Polyurethane fabric has more pros than cons. This fabric is considered one of the most durable types of textiles resistant to abrasion. It is also waterproof and easy to clean. The stains on this fabric can be easily wiped off without penetrating it much.

Besides this, polyurethane fabric inculcates incredible insulating properties and embraces high elasticity.

It is a stretchy fabric, and due to its easiness of cleaning, most spills on this fabric can be wiped off using soap and water. You may wash it with your hands or in a washing machine.

But beware, do not use hot water while washing it as it may cause great damage to the fabric. Air drying a polyurethane fabric on low heat is highly recommended.

Because of its high resistance to wear and tear and overall durability, the use of polyurethane fabric is prevalent in industrial clothing and commercial settings. The characteristics of this clothing make it a more practical option than others. You may even find raincoats, life vests, and reusable diapers made in polyurethane fabric.

How to Choose Polyurethane Fabric for a Commercial Setting?

It is essential to know that not all polyurethane fabrics are created equally. The lower-end polyurethanes may look and feel great, but they break down as they are not made properly. It is, therefore, essential to choose this fabric meticulously so that you may use it in the long run.

Here are the important things to consider while choosing a good-quality polyurethane fabric for any commercial setting.

Know the Type of Resin

Firstly, it is vital to know the type of resin the fabric is made of. The essential component in durable polyurethane fabric is resin. It is used to formulate the base and skin of the fabric.

When you inquire about the composition of the material, ensure that it is made in the highest grade of resin-polycarbonate. This type of resin offers your fabric a great resistance to heat and humidity. It is also lighter than lower-grade resins, thus easy to use.

Check its Hydrolysis Resistance

Another important consideration while buying PU fabric is its hydrolysis resistance. Hydrolysis refers to the process by which PU is broken down using heat and moisture. How many times will a restaurant booth be wiped with a bleach-soaked cloth before cracking?

Choose a fabric that has a minimum of 5-week hydrolysis resistance as it may deem perfect for commercial use. Some polyurethane fabrics undergo hydrolysis resistance of a minimum of 7-weeks, thus making them ideal for the environments like restaurant seating, hospitals, and so on.

Consider its Easiness of Cleaning and Maintenance

Last but not least, the polyurethane fabric must be easy to clean and maintain. Easiness to clean the fabric often makes it a desirable choice of material in industrial establishments. When cleaned and maintained properly, the fabric outlives its lifespan.


Owing to the rising popularity of polyurethane fabric, many manufacturers have started selling them. Always choose a reliable platform while shopping for this material in bulk. Consider the factors like quality, durability, and budget. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.