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Deciding Which Longboard You Should Buy for Skateboarding

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Riding a skateboard either for recreation, sport or as a source of income is an adventurous and exciting pastime. And deciding which longboard you should buy can be just as fun. Since their invention back in the 1950s, skateboards have evolved dramatically. Today there are all sorts of different skateboards from which to choose, with a variety of sizes and designs. Take the longboard for example.

man carrying a longboard after deciding which longboard youo should buy

Born in the 90s with the goal of creating a realistic feel of the surf on land, the longboard is constructed and shaped completely different than a standard street skateboard. Longboard skateboards allow for a larger, more stable stance when cruising around town or riding down hills. Versatile in both shape and size, these boards can be used on various terrains.

Longboards are designed with a variety of shapes, lengths, widths, flexes, and features for different riding styles and abilities. When it comes to deciding which longboard to buy, you need only to choose the one that suits you best to perfect your skills. However, with so many options, people get stuck when it comes to knowing the right type for their needs. Deciding which longboard you should buy for skateboarding can be challenging, but the following tips will help make your choice easier.

1) Your Budget

One of the first things you should consider when deciding which longboard you should buy is cost. Like all products, skateboards vary in cost depending on the quality that you want. The higher the quality longboard, the smoother and better the ride. However, lacking enough money does not mean you have to lose out on the fun.

Brand-assembled skateboards are very affordable and easy to manage. This is something that you should consider since skateboards are flexible and you can upgrade your components.

2) Ease When Riding

If you are a beginner in skateboarding, you need a board that is easy to ride. In this case, a cruiser is the best option since it has a large deck that you can move freely without difficulties. It also has wide wheels that are well spread, giving the best balance when riding. This will help you learn the basics of skating, like braking, carving, and cruising. These types of longboards have helped many people to avoid accidents while riding due to their capability to hold momentum.

3) Components of the Longboard

When deciding which longboard to buy, the environment you plan on riding in will also play a big role. So before you acquire your longboard, do some research on the construction and features it has. Things like the deck material and style, the type of trucks, and the type of wheels are all important considerations. Do you want plastic or rubber wheels? A broad or narrow deck? 

For example, downhill longboards are designed to survive the harshest terrain and are made of the highest quality materials. These boards have a well-defined front and rear to help in moving smoothly down the hill and also in a straight direction. Cruising longboards, on the other hand, are designed to be used as a means of transportation. Their wider trucks and decks offer riders exceptional stability. Knowing the environment you plan on using your longboard in will help you make the wisest choice.

4) Intended Purpose

What you plan on using the board for is yet another consideration when it comes to deciding which longboard you should buy. Different skateboards serve different purposes depending on the construction, design, and components they have.

Longboards, for example, are longer and have unique tail shapes that sit flat, and larger, softer wheels for stability. Geared towards providing the rider with a smooth, relaxing ride, longboards make it easier for beginners to perfect their skills. However, with the right technique flipping, ramping and barrel rolls are all still possible with a longboard.

Standard skateboards, on the other hand, are better designed for executing tricks and going at higher speeds. Their lightweight design is typically smaller with curved edges and more maneuverability in the bearings and trucks. These features aid riders in performing tricks.

Final Thoughts on Deciding Which Longboard You Should Buy

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, deciding which longboard you should buy doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a bit of research and knowledge, you’ll be surfing the sidewalks in no time at all.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.