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ClickBlock: Click Whiz 3D Magnetic Construction Toy

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ClickBlock 3D Magnetic Construction Toys

If there if one thing I learned as a mom and teacher is that kids really do enjoy learning when you make it fun. Put a set of blocks in front of a child and watch their imagination take flight! After 15 years of experience I noticed that many kids seem to especially enjoy building blocks and magnets. So when you put the two together you get one of the coolest toys around…ClickBlock – the world’s first 3D Magnetic Blocks!

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks main photo image


Created by Bong-Seok Yoon, a designer with 29 years experience in magnetic toy research, design and manufacturing, ClickBlock are the perfect building toy for kids of all ages. These innovative magnetic blocks encourage your child to push their imagination to its limits. With bright colors, and lots of different geometric shapes and sizes, ClickBlock provide hours of creative, open-ended fun! Each Click Block set easily snaps together, and stays together until you pull it apart. Plus, since all the sets are compatible with each other, your child’s imagination is the pretty much the only limit of what can be built with these awesome 3D magnetic blocks!

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks inside box

Kids will love the ‘coolness’ of the blocks clicking together, the various shapes and sizes, the bright colors, and the ease of use; while parents will love that their children are not only entertained, they are participating in creative play, learning while having fun. ClickBlocks not only encourage creativity and imagination, they also strengthen hand-eye coordination, build up small motor control, increase spacial cognition, and encourage mathematical and scientific thinking. 

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic close up of building blocks inside box

ClickBlock offers multiple design sets, including the one we have: the ClickWhiz 3D Design Set Magnetic Construction Toy set. This particular set is recommended for children ages 6 and up.  It consists of 36 pieces total, including:

2 squares
5 triangles
2 right triangles
2 arch shapes
2 fan shapes
1 pentagon
6 trapezoids
3 2D-squares
6 2D-triangles
2 2D-arch
5 2D-isosceles triangles
2 super rectangles

All of which enable your children to build a variety of dinosaurs, animals, creatures and structures! It also comes with a builders manual that teaches how to build certain dinosaurs….

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks builders guide inside

…as well as 14 bonus graphic cards, which encourage your child to stretch their imagination to the limit and beyond! I cannot wait to see my stepson’s face when he opens these on Christmas morning – he is going to love them!clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks 14 bonus graphic cards

Since this is a review, I wanted to be able to give you, my readers, my honest opinion about these ClickBlock. And the only way to do that, and still keep this a surprise for my stepson, was to play with them myself while he was away visiting a friend for the weekend (heh-heh). Let me tell you, these 3D magnetic blocks are SO much fun to play with – my husband and I had a blast! We played with them for well over an hour, building all sorts of buildings, make believe animals, dinosaurs and more! They really brought out the child in both of us!

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks animal one

The very first thing we noticed was how well-designed each piece was. Unlike other similar products, the ClickBlock are quite sturdy, not flimsy and bendable. The pieces fit together easily, and they pretty much stayed that way, even when we toppled a few of our animals over. There were a few pieces that were a bit more difficult to get to balance, or fit together, the way we wanted, but nothing that a little practice won’t fix! We especially like how there are so many different 3D and 2D geometric shapes, as opposed to just a few common ones such as squares, rectangles and triangles. Having a variety like this really increases the type of things kids can build.

clickblock click whiz 3D magnetic building blocks animal three

All ClickBlock components are made from PA-free polycarbonate plastic that will not crack or break, and they are 3cm or larger, making it pretty hard for a young child to swallow. However, most of the sets are recommended for 6 years and up as some parts – such as the bonus graphic cards that came with ours – are small enough to swallow.

Although there are some similar toys out there, ClickBlock far surpasses them in that they have a much stronger design and can support a much larger vertical load. You can tell as soon as you touch them that they are quite sturdy and durable. Plus some of the sets feature pieces that are the very first of their kind with a unique, patent pending, cogwheel design for superior magnetic bonding power.

To learn more about these awesome 3D magnetic blocks, or to buy a set for your kids, visit the ClickBlock website.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.