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Ride Sharing – Common Causes of Uber Accidents

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Several ridesharing aggregators like Uber and Lyft have gained popularity recently and become a successful alternative to traditional taxis. They have proved to be safe and convenient transportation options that many people prefer. Users can easily book a ride through an app, travel without worrying about dealing with traffic or parking hassles and enjoy their rides while multitasking.

Uber driver behind wheel of car

Despite the convenience, ridesharing poses risks, and Uber accidents do occur. In fact, according to a study from the University of Chicago, rideshare usage has contributed to a 3% increase in the deaths caused by Uber drivers.

Let’s learn more about the common causes of Uber accidents:

6 Common Causes of Uber Accidents

Being in a car wreck can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. And while there are many factors that can contribute to car accidents, these are six of the most common causes of Uber accidents.


One of the most common causes of Uber accidents is speeding. In order to make more money, Uber drivers try to finish their existing rides as soon as possible which enables them to pick up as many rides as possible. Hence, these drivers are speeding to finish the ride and move on to the next fare. Uber drivers that are not paying attention to the speed limit are more likely to cause accidents. 

Distracted Driving

Just as with other car accidents, distracted driving is one of the leading common causes of Uber accidents. Uber drivers often check the navigation through GPS or manage ride requests and texting while driving.

These negligent driving practices are unsafe and can increase the risk of an accident. Moreover, the Uber driver might not be familiar with the route he is traveling to and might use their navigation system more often, resulting in sudden stops, lane changes and slow driving. 

wrecked car due to one of the common causes of Uber accidents


Some Uber drivers work extensively and take rides more often than they should. Many times, Uber drivers end up working night shifts or more than the allowed limit. Without even taking breaks. Such long hours increase the risk of the Uber driver being fatigued, inattentive, and slow to react therefore increasing the risk of an accident. 

Unplanned Parking

Another common cause of Uber accidents is quick, unplanned parking. Many passengers in Uber demand quick pick-ups. This leaves Uber drivers with no time to find a safe parking space. Drivers often end up stopping at high-risk zones or an intersection. Unplanned parking is a major cause of many Uber accidents.

Undertrained drivers

Uber does not ask its drivers to be experienced in driving. Because of this, drivers may be inexperienced behind the wheel. In addition, they might not be local and are unaware of the laws and unfamiliar with the roads. This can distract them from concentrating on their driving and surroundings while trying to find where they need to go leading to accidents.

Vehicle maintenance

Poorly maintained vehicles are another common cause of Uber accidents. Some rideshare drivers might drive their vehicles without keeping up with routine car maintenance. This directly affects the reliability and safety of the vehicle. Uber accidents can happen due to poor maintenance, engine and exhaust troubles, failed tire inspections, and braking system failures.

How many hours are Uber drivers allowed to work?

As we mentioned above, a driver’s reaction time and attentiveness can be severely impacted by fatigue making it one of the leading causes of Uber accidents. Because of this, many states have set limitations on the number of hours Uber drivers are allowed to drive.

In most cases they are only permitted to operate the app for 12 hours before needing a required minimum of six hours off. This regulation was enacted to increase safety and reduce Uber drivers’ stress, thereby reducing the number of accidents.

Uber app on phone

How to get Uber Accident Compensation

If you suffer injuries in an accident caused by an Uber driver, you are entitled to claim a reimbursement from the ridesharing company. Ridesharing laws require the company to legally cover the damages of the injured person caused by an accident.

This reimbursement protection is comprised of:

$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and $25,000 in property damage liability coverage.

This only goes into effect IF the driver uses the Uber application and waits for a ride request, then picks up the rider and causes an accident.

What happens if an Uber driver causes an accident that leaves you hurt? 

If you are in an accident caused by your Uber driver, you might have trouble contacting the Uber support system and be confused about how you will settle for the amount. This is why it is critical to get in touch with a knowledgeable Uber accident attorney in the event of an accident. Knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can assist individuals hurt in auto accidents involving drivers and passengers using Uber. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.