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Creative Window Treatments for Guest Rooms

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Window treatments aren’t simply decorative, stylish and creative. They also have several important jobs to do, and they help to carry out four important functions in your guest bedroom.

window treatment as decor
  1. Window treatments can influence the amount of privacy your guests will enjoy in the guest bedroom.
  2. Window treatments will enable your guests to better regulate the amount of natural light that enters the guest bedroom.
  3. Window treatments can convey a particular theme or mood.
  4. Window treatments can also affect the amount of airflow into the room. They can have an insulating effect, and they can substantially influence the amount of overall energy consumption happening in a room.
window treatments

To best achieve all four of these important goals, it can be advantageous to combine two different types of window treatments and use them together in the same space. This will allow your guests to have maximum control over their environment, and maximum versatility in creating a comfortable space for their stay in your home.

Curtains can help to achieve any of the four goals mentioned above. They are available in a wide range of looks, styles, themes and materials. For best results, curtains can also easily be paired with any of the following other types of window treatments. 

Blinds and Plantation Shutters
Blinds are a simple yet amazing invention that will allow your guests to easily take charge over the amount of light flowing into the guest room. They can open the blinds all the way for maximum light exposure, or partially to receive less light. At dusk, they can achieve more privacy by closing the blinds all the way to prevent others from being able to see into the room from outside the home. Blinds can be made of many different materials, including aluminum, metal, bamboo, vinyl, PVC, plastic or other synthetics.

window treatments blinds

Plantation shutters can do all the same things that blinds do. They’re similar in both function and appearance to blinds, but plantation shutters can be customized to fit a specific window exactly. Custom shutters can be a nice choice to use on curved or oddly shaped windows. Plantation shutters are usually constructed out of either wood or vinyl.

Window Shades
A window shade is a simple, low-tech invention. Window shades are effective window treatments allowing for easy light regulation, and lots of privacy. Most window shades incorporate a roller mechanism that allows the user to simply roll or unroll the shade as desired.

window treatment shades

Blackout shades can completely block the light from entering a room. They are a thoughtful addition to any guest bedroom windows that let in extreme amounts of light in the early morning hours. 

Window Films
Window films could also be described as window clings or window wallpaper. These are available for both homes and automobiles and are suitable for use in the guest bedroom as well as many other applications. Window films are typically made out of polyester. You can apply them inside your window to add a decorative element, such as a stained glass look to the window. Some of the most popular window clings are frosted designs that add visual interest while partially obscuring light from passing through.

To create a cozy, restful retreat for your guests, be sure to combine two of these creative window treatments for each window in your guest bedroom.

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Thursday 5th of January 2017

These are lots of great points and I do like your ideas. However, we did go with plantation shutters mainly because our guest room is on the main floor of our home and I wanted it to match the rest of the window covering on the main floor.

I had them made and installed by a company in Richmond, VA called Shenandoah Shutters. I really enjoyed working with them during the entire process.


Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Beautiful examples. The plantation shutters have always been my favorite. However, they have to fit in with the overall theme of the house. Often, they do not. They are also expensive, especially if custom.

Deanna Jones

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

I really liked your point about how the right window treatments in my guest bedroom can convey the theme that I'm trying to go for. I've been experimenting with different paint colors and pieces of furniture to get the right vibe that I want for that room. It seems like the thing that I need to work with to make that room feel just right is with the right window coverings. I'll start looking at different window treatments to find the right one for my guest bedroom. Thanks for the information!

Lily de Grey

Thursday 10th of September 2015

This is a well-written article, Alaina! I'm glad that I stumbled upon it because I've been thinking about treating my windows. I think you're absolutely right: window shades are very beneficial for the looks of your windows. I'll be sure to follow your suggestion by getting some. Thanks for the great tips; you've been very helpful!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.