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DIY Terrarium: Beautiful Hanging Globe Terrarium Tutorial

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DIY Terrarium: 3 Level Hanging Globe Terrarium Tutorial

Transform three glass globes, soil, pebbles and succulents into a beautiful, indoor DIY terrarium with this hanging glass globe terrarium tutorial.

Ahhh Springtime!  That means gardening!  Digging my hands into cool soil, dirt dribbling between my fingers, planting and sustaining life, nurturing nature.  If, like me, you happen live in an apartment, then your options for gardening are often limited to smaller areas and container gardening.

So here is where creativity come in handy, especially if you want to bring the outside indoors. My DIY Terrarium tutorial shows you just how easy it is to make a 3 level hanging globe terrarium!

DIY terrarium globe one

One of my favorite creative ways to bring the outside in, is by making a terrarium.  They are actually quite simple to make, and require very little care.

You just need a few basic supplies, and many times you can find a container you have laying around the house like an old vase, teacup or mason jar that will work perfectly.

If you like the glass globes I used for this DIY terrarium, you can find them on Amazon (aff. link) as well as many other online sites. Go on, get creative!

What Is a Terrarium?

A terrarium is basically a miniature landscape featuring live plants, and sometimes even animals like lizards or turtles. This particular DIY terrarium is going to have plants only, although you are welcome to add whatever you like! So, are you ready to see how to make this adorable Hanging Globe Terrarium?

How to Make a DIY Terrarium

What You Need for Your DIY Terrarium:

DIY terrarium supplies

  • glass container: I used three interlocking globes I got from a giveaway I won for an Etsy gift card.  You can find these all over E-bay and Amazon for anywhere from $2 up, as well as at crafts stores such as Michaels.  What ever you choose, be sure the opening is large enough to get your plant inside.
  • a selection of small cacti or succulents – these work great as they need very little water to survive. DO NOT over-water!  Be sure to keep plants with the same needs together. Cacti and succulents have different needs than do ferns and tropical plants so they will not work well together in this type of planting environment.
  • fast-draining cactus soil
  • pebbles and/or charcoal for creating a false drainage system (charcoal will also keep mold and bacteria from building up)
  • decorative sand and/or pebbles
  • plastic spoon – to help place soil and sand
  • straw or paintbrush – to help get soil and sand off leaves
  • tweezers – these can help if you have a very tiny opening or tiny plants.  I did not need any for this project.
  • a chain or rope for hanging

Directions for the DIY Terrarium:

1.  Begin by adding a shallow layer of pebbles followed by a bit of loose charcoal in the very bottom. This will help with drainage since these particular hanging globe containers do not have a drainage hole.  The rocks will keep the roots from sitting in water, the charcoal helps keep it “clean”.  You really should not have any standing water since you will not water your terrarium plants very often.  If you do, you are over-watering!

DIY terrarium add rocks for drainage

2.  Next, add about 2” to 3” of soil on top of the pebbles.

DIY terrarium add soil

3.  Then, in the exact middle of the soil, scoop a depression large enough to place the plants’ root ball.

scoop a hole for the root ball for the DIY terrarium

4.  Now, take the plants out of the container they came in and gently loosen the root ball.  If you want to put a few different plants together, succulents can be divided easily!  Just chose a few types you like and separate them into smaller sizes.  I chose to use the entire plant this time.

 DIY terrarium loosen plant root ball

5.  Next you place the plant’s roots into the depression you created in the soil, then using a spoon (makes it easier to get all around the plant) add more soil around the roots until the plant is firmly planted. Tap down gently.

add plant to the DIY terrarium globe

6.  Using the same spoon, add a thin layer of sand (this is optional) on all sides of the plant.

DIY terrarium top with some sand for decor

7.  Then add a few pebbles on top of the sand for decoration.

add a few pebbles to the DIY terrarium globe

8. To get rid of any sand or soil that may have gotten on the plants you can either use a small paintbrush to brush them off, or take a straw and gently blow (be sure to place the end of the straw almost on the plant where the soil is, don’t blow directly into the terrarium or sand and soil will go everywhere!)

9.  Repeat these steps with the second globe.

repeat with DIY terrarium globe two

10.  For the third and final globe, I added a layer of pebbles, then placed a tea candle right in the center.  However, once I hung the DIY terrarium inside, I wound up swapping the tea light for a votive candle for a splash of color.

diy terrarium globe three add a candle on top of rocks

DIY Terrarium Plant Care

Depending on the type plant, you should only water your terrarium about one time every week to a week and a half.

There are some tricks to use, such as with succulents, I keep an eye on their leaves, and if they start to get a wrinkled appearance, I know for sure I waited too long and they need water.

Check the soil on the bottom of the container, if it is completely dry, time to water!

check bottom of diy terrarium globe to see if time to water

Be sure not to over-water as the water has nowhere to go without drainage holes.  Enough water to just dampen the soil should be plenty.

See individual plants instructions for more detailed directions.

Be sure your plants get enough light.  Since your plants are inside glass, and glass magnifies light, DO NOT place your terrarium in direct sunlight! Most succulents and cacti do not need direct sunlight, they prefer bright, indirect light instead.

diy terrarium finished

Check back next week to see what I did with the other plants I had left over!

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Tuesday 23rd of April 2013

What a CUTE idea!

Thanks for joining the Link Up this week! :)

Melanie Scout

Friday 19th of April 2013

Wow, I've never seen one of these...very cool. I look forward to seeing your next project!


Friday 19th of April 2013

wow! that is a very creative ideas :) so you love cactuses those are cute and i love the glass containers to so decorative

Healy Harpster

Friday 19th of April 2013

Wonderful ideas! My SIL will like this as she doesn't have her own yard, she lives in an apartment, too!


Friday 19th of April 2013

That is so cool!!! I wish I had a green thumb and could do stuff like this! Incredible!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.