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Easy Boat Repairs You Can Do on Your Own

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If you’re the proud owner of a boat, there’s no doubt that you enjoy spending as much time as possible out on the open waters, whether you’re into fishing or simply taking in the vastness of the oceans.

Irrespective of the particular activities you indulge in when boating, as a boat owner, you’ll need to prioritize boat maintenance. If you don’t, your boat won’t run efficiently for very long.

keep up with simple boat repairs so you can stay on the water like this sailboat

But because boat maintenance at a marina shop can become pricey over time, there’s a good chance you’re searching for ways of dropping the costs of owning a boat. And here’s where DIY boat maintenance and repairs come in; managing some tasks on your own can help you save a small fortune over time.

So, we’ve listed a few of the easiest boat maintenance and boat repairs you can consider managing on your own.

Replacing The Alternator Belt

One of the easiest boat repairs you can do on your own is replace the alternator belt. If you notice an annoying squeal coming from the motor component of your boat, there’s a good chance that the alternator belt is either worn or broken and in need of a replacement. Alternator belts that are frayed or cracked must be replaced as soon as possible.

You can investigate the condition of the alternator belt with a flashlight and a handheld mirror. Look for the presence of dust or black residue on the belt as well, as this is a common sign of alternator belt disintegration.

That said, Volvo Penta Parts is an excellent part supplier to consider when searching for a replacement alternator belt or any other boat parts you may need.

To replace the alternator belt, once you have a new one, you can refer to the owner’s engine manual to determine the correct belt routing. Then remove the existing belt by loosening the relevant components, such as the alternator, and then carefully tension the new belt once it’s been fitted in place.

Bleeding The Diesel Fuel System

Bleeding the fuel system is another simple boat repair you can do. When changing the fuel filter, the air is typically introduced to the fuel system. It’s essential to remove this air from the fuel system to prevent the air from creating blocks in the flow of fuel to your boat’s engine. The removal of air is commonly referred to as “bleeding” the fuel system.

Your owner’s manual will break down this essential maintenance task for you. Nevertheless, you’ll find actionable steps like loosening the bleed screw on the secondary filter while the pump is functioning. Then continue pumping until you notice all the bubbles are gone and only clear fuel runs from the hole. Repeat the procedure and then tighten the bleed screw.

Unclog The Head

There’s hardly anything more fear-striking for a boat owner to note than an overflow of water from the toilet that’s caused by a blockage or clogs. But fortunately, uncloging the head is a simple boat repair you can do on your own and solve this issue quite easily.

More often than not, simply plunging the bowl is enough to loosen a clog. But if this doesn’t work, you’ll need to use a lengthy wire such as fish tape or even an untwisted wire coat hanger to remove the blockage.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.