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Finding An Auto Mechanic That’s Right for You

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A good mechanic is honest and reliable, knowledgeable and professional, and while there are many out there, finding an auto mechanic that fits your lifestyle could be more challenging than you may think. Below are some tips to consider when searching high and low for a mechanic that meets all your needs, is reliable and affordable.

Finding An Auto Mechanic That's Right for You

Searching for a mechanic

There are many ways to find a mechanic. One of the better ways is by word of mouth. After all, if a friend is happy with their services, and trusts them, then there is a good chance you can too. You can also find many high-quality mechanics online right from the comfort of home.

What to Consider When Finding an Auto Mechanic

Once you find a few you are willing to consider, its time to do a bit more research.

Check for Existing Issues

Check with the Better Business Bureau for more information could keep you from using a shop that others have had trouble with previously.

Check for Certification

Before making your final choice, you should find the answers to some very important questions. Search online for any testimonials, ratings and reviews (but be aware these can be faked). Knowing if the garage has insurance, such as one sure insurance, can indicate the business you are dealing with is a legitimate one. Most importantly, ask the head mechanic about the garage’s credentials, as well as the qualifications and specialties of the workers.

Speaking of credentials, if the garage has a continued record of excellence, it will be affiliated with the Automotive Service Association. A garage with an ASA certificate should be able to handle any problem you have and perform the work to a high standard.

Another common piece of paperwork that shows a garage is very capable is an American Service Excellence certificate.

Inquire About Cost

Once you know more about the skills and qualifications of the garage, the next big question is cost. Does the mechanic charge an arm and a leg, or ate the prices to reasonable? Do some price comparisons between different mechanics to find out if the one you are considering is average or above.

It is also worth asking about what kind of parts they use. Are they new or used parts? Are they aftermarket parts or original equipment manufacturer parts? Knowing this can give you a better idea of the prices you will pay.

What else do they offer?

Asking a few questions can prevent you from working with a mechanic that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Some questions to ask include:

  • inquiring about any extra services or charges that go into the garage’s work. Once you get some basic answers, you can get the much needed work done.
  • Some garages will offer customers a warranty. Find out how long the warranties last and what they cover.
  • Something else to consider is whether or not the garage offers customers a rental or loaner vehicle while they are working on yours. At some places you may only get one if you ask about it first.

Consider the Dealership

Another option to consider when finding an auto mechanic is taking your car to the dealership where you bought it. Many dealerships, such as Sunset Trucks, have their own service department with professional, certified mechanics. Taking your car to the dealership for service ensures your car is getting the proper service and parts made for that specific make and model.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, once you find a mechanic you like and trust, all the searching and questions will be well worth the effort!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.