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3 Ways to Help Your Child’s School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet

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As a former educator I know first hand just how tight a classroom budget can be. I also know that there is never enough time in the school day to get everything done. So when parents donated supplies or offered to volunteer their time, it meant the world to me! If you’re wanting to help your child’s teacher this year, try one of these three ways to make a difference in your child’s school. And be sure to print out the free Box Tops collection sheet!

Make a difference in your child's school with these three tips and by collecting Box Tops for Education. Plus, be sure to print this free Box Tops Collection Sheet to help you keep up with the Box Tops your family collects!

3 Ways to Help Your Child’s School

Volunteer Your Time

One of the biggest ways you can help your child’s teacher is by volunteering. Ask your child’s teacher what you can do to help. It may be that she needs someone to make copies, or perhaps read a story so she can gather her materials for the next lesson. Perhaps you can help with class parties or chaperone a field trip.  Even if you can only offer thirty minutes a month, every little bit helps!

Send Old Books, Games, Toys, etc.

Teachers often have to buy classroom supplies using their own money. I can remember spending hundreds of my own dollars to ensure my students got the education they deserved. Look around your home and collect books, toys, dress up materials, games and other items that can be used in the classroom and donate them to your child’s teacher. If she can’t use them for her particular class, she will find a teacher that can.

Collect Box Tops for Education

If you have a school-aged child, then I am sure you’ve heard about Box Tops for Education. These small pieces of packaging can make such a big difference!  Simply collect Box Tops for Education tabs found on products most of us already use, then send them to school with your child throughout the year. The schools can then turn the Box Tops in and get money for books, supplies, technology, and more! It’s really as simple as shop, clip, send, and earn.

3 Ways to Help Your Child's School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet items

Reynold’s Kitchens™ and Hefty proudly support the Box Tops for Education initiative. You can find Box Tops on most Reynolds Kitchens™ products like Oven Bags, Slow Cooker Liners, Parchment Paper, and Bakeware Pans. You can also find Box Tops on Hefty Trash Bags, Hefty Foam Plates and Hefty Cups. All the things I use to make life easier. 

3 Ways to Help Your Child's School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet items with Box Tops

I always make sure to pick up extra Hefty Foam Plates as they are sturdy, leak-proof and perfect for lunch and late Summer barbeques! And those Slow Cooker Liners are a life-saver when it comes to cleaning up a slow cooked meal on busy school nights!

3 Ways to Help Your Child's School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet Hefty plates

Free Printable Box Tops Collection Sheet

To help make collecting those Box Tops a little easier, I’ve made a fun, free Back to School BTFE Collection Sheet printable!  As you collect Box Tops simply attach them to the Box Tops collection sheet using tape or glue. Once the sheet is full, send it with your child to give to the teacher.

3 Ways to Help Your Child's School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet in use3 Ways to Help Your Child's School + Free Box Tops Collection Sheet printable

Box Tops for Education Sweepstakes

Reynolds Kitchens™ and Hefty are committed to making an even bigger difference by kicking off the school year with a big Reynolds Kitchens + Hefty Box Tops Sweepstakes. Now through August 29 you can enter (HERE) to be one of 50 daily instant winners. Plus, a total of five schools will be chosen for the grand prize – $1,000 worth of Box Tops!  entering is easy, just click HERE. So make sure to bookmark the site and visit often!

Looking for a way to store Box Tops as you collect them? Then you’ll love this DIY Giant Crayon Box Tops holder!This DIY Box Tops for Education Holder is a fun way to keep up with those Box Tops for your child's school!

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Friday 4th of August 2017

Great article. Thanks for the easiness of organization. I needed this!

Alaina Bullock

Saturday 5th of August 2017

You're welcome! I struggle with organization, but find that sometimes, the smallest things help!

David Elliott

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

I know that my daughter's school gets so many things by collecting those box tops. It's really cool. I just didn't realize how many different products had them. I will have to keep a better eye out for them in the future.


Tuesday 1st of August 2017

This is a great post!!! I know the right people that need to read this. (Dont have kids yet)

Jill Conyers

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

We've always been very involved in our children's school and individual classes. Very fond memories of class projects. :)


Tuesday 1st of August 2017

It's such an easy way to help schools out, which is important! (Got to support the schools!) great way to spread the word ?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.