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Any Help Needed In The House? Don’t Trust Dad!

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How many times has dad let you down in the house before? Too many I imagine. A blown lightbulb that’s been needed to be changed for weeks? The garage that needs a complete decluttering? The garden that requires just a cut and a prune but dad’s been putting it off for months? Just to name a few.

any-help-needed-in-the-house-dont-trust-dadImage via Pixabay

This is not a blog post getting at dads by the way. We love our dads. Truly we do. Just sometimes they need that little reminder that they have to pull their weight around the house around a bit more. Take for example, the blocked toilet downstairs. How long have you been waiting for that to be fixed? Dad says he has got all the necessary tools but despite your constant reminders, he just hasn’t done it yet. So what do you do? You’ve had enough. You could be waiting an eternity for this. So you call the local plumbers and in just one sunny morning, it’s done and dusted. Dad feels emasculated, gets in a mood for weeks but at least now you have another working loo.

But this isn’t a one time thing, is it dads? Oh no. How about that time the lightbulb went out in the upstairs bedroom? You said you’d do it there and then. You said you had loads of spare lightbulbs in your secret man drawer and didn’t want to waste money on a new one. And look what happened again? See, told you it wasn’t a one time thing. After days and days of being plunged into darkness, the next door neighbour had to go and do it. I think you were watching your favourite soap opera at the time. You didn’t speak to mum for days. Almost as long as we waited for you to change that lightbulb.

How about all your train sets in the loft? The ones you spend your life painting and then reluctantly sell on the internet, except the sales aren’t going too well are they? Mum can’t even set foot in there for short distance and long distance trains. She’s had enough and has warned you to go and put them somewhere else on many an occasion. Yet you keep buying more and more. So why were you so angry when mum put them all in black bin bags and left them downstairs in the hallway? She did a job that you said you’d do for months. Don’t sulk dad. You were in the wrong again.

And we are not even going to mention that painting we told you to hang up? The one which was too heavy for mum to hold? Yet, that’s now been gathering dust in the garage for years. All sad and forgotten.

So here’s a little kick up the backside for you dads. Pull your finger out and start doing your fair share of chores. We love you and all that but just listen to mum a little bit more or we may have to ask someone else for help.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.