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How To Impress The Parents On Their First Visit To Your New House

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So you’ve just got off the phone to your parents and they are coming over to the new house tomorrow. First don’t panic. 24 hours is a long time and miracles can happen. You may be a bit unprepared now but cometh the hour, cometh a happy house.

You acknowledge that your house has seen better days. The kids are playing havoc on the stairs with their new toys and your husband is slobbing around on the sofa in the living room, surrounded by last night’s pizza boxes. First, get them all standing to attention. You are the boss of this house and have assigned them all on an extremely important mission. Operation black bin bag. Start with picking up all the noticeable rubbish from downstairs. Each family member is assigned to a different room and let the games begin. Why not make it a bit more fun by plugging in your iPod and getting a party playlist on? It’s common knowledge that people become more productive and do their jobs better and quicker when music is being played.

cleaning-new-houseImage via Pixabay

If the whole family soon start to flag and you realise the house is still in need of a deep clean, you could ring round some home cleaning services to provide you with a bit of respite and ensure that extra professional touch. Anyway, you’ve got a lot of other things to think about; what recipes you’re going to cook and how you’re going to dress your family for the occasion. No dad, please take off that Hawaiian shirt. First impressions are always key. It’s a lesson that you learn throughout life. So as well as the house, your parents will be judging your dress sense too and whether it’s in keeping with such an occasion. It’s important you get it just right.

Shirts and smart trousers picked out for the loved ones in your life, you can now concentrate on the food side of things. Homemade cooking is always a good welcomer. Imagine a nice hot vegetable stew if it’s bitterly cold outside. Like a big warm hug but you can’t predict the weather. Plus, you have to admit you’re not the best cook in the world, even with the great effort that you put in. Your parents have told you this on many a Christmas Day so it’s surely safer to call in a takeaway. That way your parents can’t complain like they usually do and as well as this, it would be fun to share everyone’s food and act like a real family. Get your husband to go out and buy some nice bottles of wine from a reputable retailers. Cheap won’t cut it here. It’s best to go more high end as you need to make an impression on your parents and treat them like they deserve to be treated. Family is important after all.

Everything is ready and set. The house has never looked cleaner and this has made your heart and soul much happier. Add to the fact that your family look perfect with their clothes ironed and shoes polished, you simply can not fail.

new-house-family-pictureImage via Pixabay

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.