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How to Create a Fabulous Dating Profile

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Once upon a time, dating apps were a bit of a fringe way to make romantic connections. Now, they are so popular that the stigma has long disappeared. Dating apps are popular because they work, or at least they should. The problem is that people are often overwhelmed with an onslaught of not-so-great matches or they get little response at all. This is why it’s so important to take the time to create a fabulous dating profile. No, you don’t need a creative writing degree or a track record of being irresistible to potential partners. Just follow these pointers.

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Learn About The App Before You Start

The first generation of dating apps generally targeted straight couples in search of relationships. Now, there are dozens of apps. Many of them are tailored to a specific niche. Additionally, each app curates its own culture and user experience. As a result, there are both written and unwritten rules about what things will make your dating profile work or not. 

Before you create your profile, spend some time navigating the app. Talk to people who use it. Read the information about it on the app page, and the reviews. Then, when you go to create a fabulous dating profile for yourself, you can be sure to include all of the key information and present it in a way that appeals to other app users.

For example, on some apps, it’s all about the pictures you share. On others, you need to provide intelligent, sincere answers to the question prompts.

Select The Right Questions or Prompts

Many dating sites allow you to select the writing prompts or questions you want to answer. When working to create a fabulous dating profile, use this to your advantage. Pick the options that allow you to share the best possible things about yourself. 

Also, use these prompts to make it clear what you are looking for as well. Are you interested in someone who is into sports and committed to staying in shape? Then find questions that allow you to expand on how important athletics are in your life.

Choose a Variety of Photos

Pictures communicate so much. Some people will skip over what you say to look at your pictures. Sure, they may just be thirsty, but they have a good point. You can say whatever you want in your profile. Your pictures often reveal how you’re living.

As you create a fabulous dating profile, choose pictures that genuinely show what you look like. Offer a variety including some action shots. Don’t forget to include photos that show off your personality and interests. Finally, ditch the bathroom selfies, group photos, and anything where your sunglasses are obscuring your face.

Be Clear About Your Deal Breakers

Nobody wants to waste their time. If there are things you want in your relationship, make them very clear. Likewise, let people know upfront what you will not accept. Think about your values, political views, religious beliefs, and goals. It may also help to consider your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Be Funny Sparingly

It’s fine to use humor, particularly if you want someone who finds the same things funny. Just be aware that some context is lost in writing, and not every person will understand your humor.

Don’t Lie

You wouldn’t want to connect with someone on a dating app only to find out they misled you to get what they wanted. Don’t do that to others. Small lies waste time, and cause bad will. If you lie about big things, you could have your account reported for fraud or abuse. Be authentic. There is someone out there who is interested in a person just like you. This includes sticking with photos that accurately represent who you are.

Summarize Yourself With Your Intro

Think of three to five traits you want to showcase in your intro. These should be things about your personality and interests that people find most engaging about you. This will draw in other singles, and encourage them to get the details they need to reach out.

Don’t be Bitter

Some people use their dating profiles to share negative views. They may feel as if an entirely positive dating bio seems fake. The dating process embitters others and that’s reflected in their profile info. 

While you don’t need to present a gushy, overly sweet persona if that truly isn’t who you are, just remember that this is your first impression. Maybe you should wait to bond with somebody over your shared misanthropic views.

Final Thoughts: Take Your Time

There is no need to rush through this process. Write things down, but wait to publish your profile. Read it again the next day to be sure you’ve said exactly what you want to say. Ask a good friend to help. It’s worth being thorough when you create a fabulous dating profile to make connections with truly compatible people.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.