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How to Find the Right Puppy for Your Family

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When you want to add a furry friend to your family, it is often difficult to choose between puppies when you visit a shelter or a breeder. Their cute faces and playfulness are hard to say no to, which could mean ending up with the wrong dog.

Instead of picking out a puppy when you go looking at a shelter or breeder, pick one out that fits your family by doing some research first. Also, use these tips on how to find the right puppy for your family that will grow into the type of dog that’s perfect!

How to Find the Right Puppy for Your Family

Consider the Size of Your Home

If you live in an apartment, you may not be able to own a large dog due to pet restrictions. Some rental units only allow pets that weigh 25 pounds or less, which means you can’t select a medium to large size dog breed.

Research small dog breeds to find one that’s suitable for your lifestyle. Think about how active you or your family are, whether the neighbors are close to your unit, and if there is a dog park or other amenities nearby for pets.

By researching the various breeds, you can find a puppy with a good personality and behaviors that are best for your family.

Observe the Litter

When it’s time to look for a puppy that’s right for your family, watch the litter at play or when they come to greet you and your family members. If you want an assertive dog, then look for the brave pups who rush to meet you.

If a laid-back dog would fit your family better, look for the puppy who waits his turn to meet you. Be careful and observe the laid back ones to make sure they are just shy and not nervous or scared.

A scared puppy can bite, which could create problems if you have young children. Don’t approach a puppy that looks scared. Instead, let him or her calm down before coaxing them to you.

Get Advice from Breeder

If a purebred dog is in your future, then ask the breeder to whom you’re going for advice. They will know the litter the best and can help you pick out a puppy who has the personality that works well with your family.

However, make sure the breeder is reputable before looking at dogs for sale.

Visit the breeder’s facility to check its condition and the condition of their puppies. Don’t worry about saying no to a breeder and finding a new one if things are not up to par.

Try a Local Breeder

It’s best if you and your family can visit your new puppy during their earliest stages of life, so they become familiar with their new family. Instead of going out of state to buy a puppy from a breeder, try to find one locally that has the breed you want, so you can visit your puppy often.

However, the first time you go look at the litter to pick out a puppy, check the cleanliness, sniff for odors, and check the dogs’ living area. Seeing the environment, they live in will help you determine if that’s a breeder with whom you want to do business.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Right Puppy for Your Family

When you’re searching for the perfect puppy to add to your family, be patient. You shouldn’t expect to visit a breeder, or even a shelter, and bring home a puppy on the same day.

First, research dogs to find the best breed for your family, then search for breeders who raise them. Then visit the puppies to try to find one that will complete your family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.