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Liven Up Your Living Room with These Simple Tips

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Both a setting to entertain your guests and a place to curl up with a good book, your living room has a number of different functions. If you’re thinking of putting in some time and money to redesigning this room, you will want to make sure that it is an oasis of calm that fulfils all of your needs. Here is a bit of advice to help you liven up your living room.

Choose An Interesting Colour Scheme

Many people opt for simple white or magnolia themes in their living rooms, which is fine as a starting point but you will want to make sure you introduce some colourful furniture items that really stand out and demand attention. Try some pale blue that will have an cooling and calming effect. If you are going for something completely different, why not go for some warmer colours that give more of an intense feel to the room. Wallpaper is another option and gives you a wide variety of choice as you select a pattern that works for you.  

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Stylish Flooring

A popular choice is hardwood flooring, but you will want to make sure you add in some rugs so that things don’t look too bare. Neutral flooring also has the advantage of diverting attention towards any artwork or other main features in your living room. If you prefer carpeting, this has the advantage of feeling pleasant underfoot and giving a consistent feel to the entirety of your room.

Cozy Lighting

You don’t want to choose anything that is too harsh and will take away from the relaxing atmosphere in your room. Choose a number of different lighting sources that can give your room different effects. Try to go for lighting around the sides of the room as a big light in the centre can sometimes feel like a spotlight. For something a little different, try some LED panels which can be hung from the ceiling or mounted directly.

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Create A Focal Point

Every living room should have a focal point, and often this tends to be the television. Though this may be important, try focusing your room on a fireplace or other interesting feature while allowing the TV to become secondary. Alternatively, pair the two up so they don’t compete with each other. Furniture should be arranged towards this focal point, though conversation should be encouraged so nothing should be angled too harshly.

Highlight Windows

If you have some particularly attractive views to show off, big windows are the best way to do this while encouraging natural light into the room. Floor to ceiling curtains add a touch of elegance and give the room a completely different feel when they are closed entirely, as well as a sense of privacy. Better still, add in some relaxed shades of a different colour to really make the most of your windows.

Your living room should be a relaxed environment and these simple tips can help you create a space that really encourages peace and calm.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.