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A Look at Greek Food and its Myriad Tastes

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Greek Food – As Beautiful and Diverse As the Culture

Most people enjoy sitting around a big table with friends and filling their bellies with good, wholesome, hearty food. And in Greece, the choice of cuisine is truly remarkable as you would expect in such a beautiful, warm and diverse culture. In this article we focus on Greek food and discuss some of the better choices of “Páre makriá” or Greek to go.

A Look at Greek Food and its Myriad Tastes mainimage via Pixabay

No-one likes ordering takeaway, waiting for anywhere up to an hour and then opening the parcel to find that the food is cold, has leaked everywhere on to other food or has been bumped and shaken around so much as to have completely ruined the look of it. However, the great thing about a lot of Greek food is that it tends to look better when tossed around a bit and indeed a good, bumpy ride in a delivery van can mix up the flavors deliciously. Without further ado let’s dive into some Greek dishes you can eat on the go and explore their tastes and textures.

Lamb is a prevalent meat eaten in Greece and along with the abundance of peppers and exotic vegetables and fantastic textures of sadziki and Greek yoghurts, such combinations lead inevitably to even the most savage epicure’s dream. Take lamb kebabs for instance. Saying it like that sounds quite common – the extreme opposite of what you might hear from someone more savoir faire, such as “souvlákia arnioú” which is how one would phrase it in the native tongue. Lamb kebabs are a favourite in Greece and can be eaten strolling along or even delivered without much fuss and thankfully they tend to stay as tender and fresh as when they were cooked (assuming they are consumed the same day.)

A good lamb kebab can vary in its character, ranging from mild to extremely spicy. A spicy kebab tends to come served with creamy yoghurt sauce and fresh lime wedges along with peppers to enhance the taste of the spices a little further. Some kebabs are even served with barbecued lemon wedges for a unique, bold taste. Dressings should always be nice and cold to refresh the tongue whilst enjoying blast after blast of taste and spice.

Another favourite of the Greeks to eat on the go is spiced feta cheese with watermelon salsa. It is exactly what it says it is, but the great thing is when you wrap it all up in a pita bread and bite into it. The slight sourness of the cold feta complements the sweetness of the watermelon beautifully and runs riot over the tongue leaving most drooling for the next bite. Combined with crunchy, cool fresh lettuce, Feta with watermelon is a delicious treat eaten while meandering along under the ever-present Greek sunshine.

With so many delicious combinations of meats, vegetables and cheeses, it’s easy to understand why Greece is a favored destination of drooling bon vivants from every corner of the globe.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.