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Mending Relationships: 6 Tips for Getting Back Together with Your Ex-Girlfriend

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Many people break-up with their girlfriends or boyfriends because someone else catches their eye and they want to be with them. However, the grass isn’t always greener with someone else, and they start realizing that they gave up the best person they’ve ever dated.  If this has happened to you, use the following tips on mending relationships to win back your girl.

These 6 tips can help you when it comes to mending relationships and getting the one you love back.

Prepare Yourself for Rejection

Unless she has been pining away for you, it will probably take some convincing to regain her trust if you left her for another woman. Being rejected by someone is difficult, especially someone with whom you gave your heart.

Don’t be pushy but give her some space to decide whether to date you again.

Forget About Buying Presents

Don’t try to buy her affection with expensive presents. Instead, show her that you are serious about being with her and only her. Remind her of how good your relationship was and why she loved you in the first place.

Be Yourself

One of the most important things to do when mending relationships is to be yourself. Don’t try to be the person you assume she wants but be yourself. Sincerity will go much further than trying to pretend to be someone you’re not. If you are unsure about who you really are, consider counseling or reading some self-help books to discover the person inside.

Focus on Her

While you may wish to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, you cannot make the situation all about you. Focus on how she feels about being left for someone else and listen to her reactions to getting back together with you.

Being selfish is what got you into the situation in the first place, so show her you’re not always self-absorbed by considering her desires as well. By showing that you care about her feelings, you may be able to get your ex girlfriend back permanently.

Know When to Let Go

If she has moved on and is in a loving relationship, back off and respect it. It may hurt to see her with someone else, but you’re the one who decided to end the relationship. Trying to destroy her happiness only shows that you’re self-absorbed and it may turn her off permanently.

In Mending Relationships You Have to Work for It

It takes hard work to have a successful relationship, and the same holds true when it comes to mending relationships. So show her that you’re willing to put in the work required to be with her. Be present when you’re together inside of being distracted by the game on TV or work. Do the little things that show that you sincerely care about her.

Hold the doors open when you go out with her, don’t be shy about showing affection in front of people, and tell her that you love her. Demonstrating that you care about someone means much more than saying a few words and expecting them to be enough for her.

If you truly love her and think she is the one, show her rather than tell her. It may help to convince her to give the relationship another try if she still has feelings for you and thinks there is a future together as a couple.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.