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Thermal Aid Zoo Animals: Cute, Cuddly & Therapeutic! Giveaway!

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SAFETY UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 26, 2014: Unfortunately, while browsing through my newsfeed on Facebook, it came to my attention that there have been some incidents where the Thermal Aid Zoo Animals have been known to start burning on their extremities where the corn filling is not used while in the microwave.  Fumes and singeing have occurred. While there is a warning on the tag not to let any part of the animal touch the sides of the microwave, I do not know if this is what has occurred in these cases or not. Please be aware of this, and read more reviews about this on Amazon at cannot in good faith continue to recommend this product for use as a heating pack until this issue has been addressed by the company. I do recommend it for cold pack uses! I will keep you updated!

Moms, remember the comfort you received from curling up with your favorite plush toy as a child? How nice it felt whether it was to help you sleep, get your mind off the pain of an injury, ease your body as you fight a cold or just to snuggle with something soft and cuddly on a dark, cold night?   Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if your child’s favorite plush toy not only provided that comfort and security, but also doubled as a natural therapy for aches, pains and fevers?

thermalaidzoo 0122

Thermal Aid Zoo animals cold packs do exactly that!  These precious plush animals are filled with a specially treated and processed all natural corn product which safely retains both heat and cold for a long amount of time. Made from 100% cotton, the animals are soft and cuddly on the outside, and are filled with the unique heat/cold absorbing corn material on the inside.

thermalaidzoo 0123

For ailments benefiting from heat therapy such as aches, insomnia, cramps and chills, simply put your Thermal Aid Zoo animal inside a clean microwave and heat it up for about 45 to 60 seconds; times will vary depending on the type of microwave.  To cool fevers, reduce swelling, sooth sunburn and other ailments calling for cold therapy simply put your Thermal Zoo Animal in the freezer for five or more hours.

thermalaidzoo 0124

Although they are designed and developed for children to relieve pain and/or fever, I received Ollie Koala for review and have been using him regularly myself in place of heating pads and cold compresses.  It is such a nice difference to have a soft, warm plush animal to curl up against when I am aching or cramping as opposed to an electric heating pad that does not conform to fit your body, has an annoying cord and is anything but soft and cuddly!   And it feels so much better to rest a cold, soft and pillow-y plush animal on my aching head instead of placing a plastic-covered, gel-filled wrap covered with wet condensation on my forehead.

thermalaidzoo 0127

Ollie Koala is very soft, with all of his facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) made of soft cloth instead of hard plastic. The main part of his body contains the corn material while his head, ears, arms and legs are soft and floppy.  While the corn adds a small amount of weight, it is not too heavy, nor is it chunky or gritty feeling. It sort of reminds me of the material inside a Bean Bag!  There is no scent or odor, although I find it to be even more beneficial to add one or two drops of lavender or other flavored essential oil on him (I always add the oil after the microwave or freezer)!  I am very impressed with how long and evenly he retains both heat and cold.  Not only is Oillie the Koala incredibly cute and therapeutic, but he appears to be very well made, durable and long-lasting.

Thermal Aid Zoo animals are available in 7 different soft and cuddly creatures: Happy Hippo, Baxter Bunny, JoJo Monkey, Tiny the Elephant, Ollie Koala and Buckley or Bella Bear, all of which are made in soft, pastel colors.  All Thermal Aid Zoo animals can be washed by hand and air-dried, just be sure not to soak them in water.  Each one comes with detailed instructions for care.  Since they do come with small parts, children should be supervised when using the Thermal Aid Zoo products.  Thermal Aid Zoo animals are not recommended for children under the age of 3, nor for anyone who is allergic to corn.


You can purchase the Thermal Aid Zoo animals directly from the official Thermal Aid website, from, and many other sites. For a limited time, when you order from the Thermal Aid site, you can buy one at $14.95 and get another one FREE (S&H not included).


Thermal Aid Zoo animals would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!  Be sure to take advantage of the B1G1 offer now!!  Also, don’t forget to follow Thermal Aid on Facebook to keep up with all the latest deals, promotions and giveaways!

Thermal Aid has generously offered to give TWO Bullock’s Buzz readers their choice of one Thermal Aid Zoo animal each!  This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.  It will begin tonight and end May 16th at 11am CST.  This will be a VERY easy giveaway to enter, as I am trying something new!  Both winners will be chosen using








Leave me a comment telling me which Thermal Aid Zoo animal you would pick if you are a winner.  BE SURE TO LEAVE ME YOUR NAME AND EMAIL with your comment!!!


For 1 extra entry follow Bullocks Buzz on Bloglovin and leave me another comment telling me what name you used to follow.  Use this link (or click on the button on the right hand sidebar)

For 3 extra entries: tweet about the giveaway then leave me another comment telling me the URL of your Tweet.

I received this product for the purpose of review. Regardless, all opinions are my own!

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