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Most Trendy Birthday Party Themes for Girls

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Choosing one from all of the birthday party themes for girls can be a pretty overwhelming task, even more so when considering the ever-growing list of unique ideas out there. The key is to stick with personalized decoration options to bring any idea into reality.

Think about all the party essentials that you will need and most importantly take time to ideate what kind of decorations you will need. Consider thematic dress codes, various party sprays, inflatables, and uniquely decorated stands.

Sometimes even one type of item can be enough to wow your guests and bring the necessary vibe to the event. For example, you can opt for custom-built inflatables to turn your creative ideas into real decorations and make a lasting impact on your guests. The fact that they can be personalized to match your preferences makes them a versatile option for any chosen theme.

a unicorn cake as part of a unicorn party one of the most popular birthday party themes for girls

So, if you’re a bit stuck on the best theme to choose, we’ve rounded up some of the most trendy birthday party themes for girls.

Slumber Parties

Sleepovers are still one of the most popular and trendy birthday party themes for girls. The age-old sleepover theme will never truly die; slumber parties are not just suitable for all ages, but they’re also affordable party ideas for parents, and they’re also relatively easy to plan and decorate.

When it comes to invitations, a free invitation maker can help you create chic or cute birthday invites in a few minutes. The decor is also relatively effortless as you can use faux fur scatters, cozy blankets, fairy lights, and other comforting touches. And when creating a menu, consider fun treats like candy floss, fruity, colorful drinks, and savory snacks.

Princess Parties

Much like slumber parties, a princess party is another popular choice when it comes to timeless birthday party themes for girls. You really can’t go wrong if you decide to center the theme of the birthday around the birthday girl’s favorite princess character!

For a simple princess party, create princess-themes invitations, and choose a beautiful location like a park or even your backyard. You can decorate the venue with balloon centerpieces, flowers, and perhaps a bit of glitter. And cupcakes and ice cream are pretty fail-safe princess party snack options.

Mermaid Parties

Next on our list of birthday party themes for girls are mermaids. Mermaids symbolize youth, playfulness, and in some sub-settings, mischief. There’s no wonder these mythical half-human half-fish creatures are so popular. Mermaids are also so much more than a fascination; these days, the mermaid trend has almost reached cult status for pre-teens.

Planning a mermaid-themed party is also reasonably straightforward. You should stick to a color palette of either green and teal, pink and purple, or purple and blue. Seashell decor is a great choice, and balloon centerpieces and a mermaid banner in the above-mentioned color palette can tie the venue decor together.

For foods, choose cupcakes with mermaid decorations, a statement mermaid birthday cake, cake popsicles, and fruity drinks.

Unicorn Parties

Unicorns are yet another popularized mythical creature that’s been fascinating the world for several decades. In fact, the unicorn lovers’ fanbase has grown dramatically in recent years which means when it comes to birthday party themes for girls, you won’t have any trouble finding what you need to make this party a reality!

To plan a magical unicorn-themed birthday party, you can find things like a unicorn pinata, unicorn balloons, a magical statement birthday cake, and rainbow streamers. Consider rainbow cheesecake bars, cake popsicles with glitter, marshmallows, candy floss, rainbow ice cream, and milkshakes for the menu.

Tea Parties

Whether it’s a ‘mad-hatters tea party’ or a ‘peter rabbit-themed tea party, there are tons of different types of tea birthday party themes for girls out there. And most of them are incredibly playful and lighthearted in design and atmosphere.

You’ll need a party table decorated according to your chosen tea party sub-theme. The table layout is the most vital part of any tea party, so focus on the menu, cutlery choice, cake design, and crockery.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.