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Oola: Positive Thought Buttons ~ “Powered by You”

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It’s been proven time and again, if you think negative thoughts or have a negative outlook, you might as well expect a negative outcome. And the opposite is true as well, think positive thoughts and you get a positive outcome. Sure, we all have those times when being positive is about the hardest thing you can do, so to help brighten up your life and help you stay positive, Oola Original Decals —printed “buttons” that convey messages of positivity and hope – was created. I received several Oola button decals, and have already come up with several ideal places to put them once we move to our new apartment.


Oola Original Decals are printed fabric decals which can adhere to any smooth surface—walls, mirrors, notebooks, lockers—without leaving a sticky residue. Created by Amy Humes and based on the positive messages her father passed on to her, Amy designed Oola as a way to remind people that they hold the power to make their lives the way they want. So pick your message, place it wherever you see fit, and whenever you need to boost of positivity, press your “button” and remember it is “powered by you”.


Whether you want a great day, power, peace, inspiration, a good night’s sleep, or just a good laugh, Oola has the perfect message for you. Place them on the walls, on your mirror, on your computer or in your car. Send some to school with your kids to remind them of the things you want them to know even though you may not be right there. Give them as gifts to your friends. Spread the message that all you need to have in order to get all you want is right there inside of you.


So stop those negative thoughts, bring yourself into the present moment and remember that you have all the power you need to create the life of your dreams right inside of you! And when you go through those moments of self-doubt and negativity, reach out and press your positive thought button by Oola – remember, it is all “powered by you”.


You can purchase your Oola decals of choice directly through the website at There are tons from which to choose, and they are very affordable! There is also a Oola app available for download through the App Store.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.