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Ozeri Green Earth Pan Review – The Eco-Friendly and Cook-Friendly Pan

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For years, one of my most-loved kitchen tools was my non-stick cookware – I loved the ease of use, and how simple they were to clean. However, several years ago it became known that using non-stick cookware was not all it was ‘cooked up’ to be due to chemicals such as PFOA (a.k.a. C-8) and PTFE that are used in the manufacturing of the nonstick coatings. These chemicals have been shown to have some possible links to both health and environmental concerns, and although it is said that as long as you use your cookware properly it should be okay, it still does not sit well with me. Ever since then I have been wanting to switch to a more eco-friendly line of cookware such as the one that Ozeri makes. Maybe you remember my other Ozeri product reviews – the Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale and the Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bathroom Scale –  and how much I like and recommend both products; so when they offered me the opportunity to review one of their Green Earth Ceramic Non-Stick frying pans, I was very excited!

Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan Review1 Pan with Box

The Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri is made out of a durable, heavy-gauge, die-cast aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals and is designed to distribute heat evenly. The inside is of the pan is covered with an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany called Greblon, which is derived from nature and is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. This innovative coating will not release any harmful chemicals even when cooking at extremely high temperatures; plus, it is also non-stick, scratch-resistant and very easy to clean.

Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan Review4 Pan on Stove

I received one of the 8″ fry pans, and the first thing I noticed about it (aside from its pretty, earthy-green color) was its unique textured surface that resembles a series of raised hexagons. This innovative surface helps to create air pockets underneath the food which allows for better heat distribution for superior cooking performance, plus it helps prevent food from sticking. The bottom of the pan is different too in that it is magnetized which allows heat to transfer rapidly on induction stoves.

Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan Review5 Inside of Pan

Another of my favorite features of this Ozeri Green Earth Skillet is the handle. Made from silicone it is completely heat-resistant, so no matter how high of a temperature I am cooking at, the handle stays cool to the touch. The pan has a good amount of weight to it, although it is no where as heavy as say an iron skillet would be, it is still heavy enough to sit securely on the stove.

Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan Review6 Close Up of Handle

Let me mention here that the first thing I did before using this pan was to put a little oil on a cloth and wipe it around the inside of the pan, sort of like “seasoning” it. It is also recommended to do this if the pan is not often used. I noticed some reviews where people were complaining about the non-stick surface not lasting, so I did some reading of instructions and some investigating, and learned that it is recommended to do this. It is also recommended that you only use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning, and to NOT use metal utensils with the pan.

Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan Review2 Egg Cooking in Pan

The first thing I cooked in my new pan was an egg for my husband’s breakfast sandwich, and I was much impressed with the results! First of all, I only had to use about half the amount of oil or butter as I do with my other pans. The pan heated up quickly, and once the egg started cooking, I was amazed at how evenly it cooked – the entire egg turned white all at the same time instead of it cooking quicker from the outside going in. Once it was finished cooking, all I had to do was tilt the pan over the plate and the egg slid right out! Even better, I only had to use about half the amount of oil or butter when cooking as I did with my other pans.

The only possible drawback to this pan, as I mentioned above, is that it does require a bit more TLC than others. In addition to “seasoning it”, washing only with a soft cloth and not using metal utensils, after frequent use the non-stick property can lessen due to a buildup of food and oil residue or minerals in your water. If or when this happens, it is recommended that you rub the pan’s surface with lemon juice or vinegar which will help to remove this residue and the pan will regain its amazing non-stick performance. So far I have not noticed any lessening of this property, but I have only been using it for about two weeks. In my opinion the little extra care is well worth it!

Overall, I definitely recommend the Ozeri Green Earth pans! As I mentioned above, this is the 8″ pan, but Ozeri also makes a 10″ and 12″ pan, as well as glass lids that fit each one. The pans and lids can all be found on I cannot wait to get the other two so I can have the complete set – that’s how much I love this pan!

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