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Pet Peeve: How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Dogs

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Overcome Your Fear of Dogs

So, your friend or partner has got a dog and you, owing to a fear, can’t go near it. It’s fair enough, phobias come in all shapes and sizes, yet there are ways to get over your dog fears. There really are man’s best friends and the vast majority will never mean you any type of harm whatsoever. If your family are angling for a pet, and in particular a dog, then stopping them having one because of an irrational fear can be quite mean, especially considering the joy a dog could bring. You can find some hints and tips to help you overcome your fear of dogs, known as cynophobia, and take one or two to try.

Pet Peeve How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Dogs imageImage via Pixabay

Get Over The Inciting Incident

There is always something that caused the fear. Some people may not even remember what it was, others will latch onto it every time they see a dog across the street. If you suffered from a particularly bad attack or bite then you need to get over it. Hopefully, the dog in question was disciplined, and if you haven’t yet you should seek compensation through a professional firm like The Dixon Injury Firm. You need to realize that not all dogs are the same and that the dog in question was either abused, ill, or perhaps you were on guarded property. It is the same as humans, some are bad, others not. Yet it is usually the owner who forges a dog’s temper. Once you have rationalized the attack and you can see why it happened it will be easier for you to get over. Getting over the incident that caused the fear is a huge first step in beating the phobia completely.

Seek Therapy

Sometimes you can only overcome a fear through the help of someone else. This is certainly the case when you can’t remember any inciting incident that caused the initial fear to begin. Therapists can dig down and find out what has caused the fear, or indeed find out whether the fear stems from nothing in particular and is inherently irrational. Having someone else analyse you and everything you can be daunting, but remember, they are professionals and are just doing a job. If it means you overcome your fear then it will be worth it in the long run. You can even unlock other mysteries that can relate to cynophobia such as bottled up anxiety.

Pet Peeve How You Can Overcome Your Fear Of DogsImage via Pixabay

Spend Time With Dogs

In a supervised environment of course. Spend a day at your local kennels where you with people nearby where you can watch dogs and if you feel like it get close. Start off with the smaller ones, some are not much bigger than rabbits and can be easier to get to grips with. After this, you can start with the bigger breeds. If you are too nervous to get close to all of the dogs, ask one of the attendants to bring a smaller dog out for you to meet without being surrounded by the others.

Go For Walks

At your local center you will be able to take dogs for walks. It helps the dogs, the center and indeed yourself. Again, start off with the smaller dog and work your way up. You’ll see that in large they all behave in the same way and are similarly managed. The more time you spend with the dogs the more you will realize how harmless they actually are. Once you’ve overcome your fear you will be full of pride. No fear is hard to surpass, however irrational it may seem to those on the outside.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.