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Preparing for Your Child Custody Hearing

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There are some key factors to keep in mind as you get ready for your child custody hearing. After a divorce, making sure that you have time with your child becomes more important than ever, as is keeping your children your top priority. Consider the following when preparing to head to family court.

courtroom for child custody hearing

Hire an Attorney for Your Child Custody Hearing

Hiring an attorney is the first step on your child custody journey. Law professionals can help you navigate the family court system and obtain your desired outcome. Be comfortable with the firm you hire, and make sure to communicate your expectations and questions to your new lawyer. 

Gather the Relevant Documents

Locate and provide any important documentation to your lawyer and to the court. These could include messages between you and your child, schedules, calendars, communications between you and your former spouse, child support receipts, and any proof of abuse or neglect. Having all evidence is a key part of presenting a solid case to the judge at the child custody hearing, and you are more likely to receive a successful outcome if you are prepared. 

Learn about Courtroom Procedures and Dress Code

Making a good impression on the court is important. Be sure to ask about how you are expected to act and dress when you are in the courtroom, so you are not surprised on the day of the child custody hearing.

Continue to Be Dependable

You have probably always been a responsible, loving parent, but it is more important now than ever to demonstrate that you would be a good candidate for joint or sole custody. If you make a commitment to your child, be sure to keep it. Carefully document and track the time you spend with your child, and be aware of any doctor’s appointments or important events in their lives.

By keeping these key elements in mind, you can increase your chances of a successful child custody hearing outcome.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.