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Purell Hand Sanitizer: Why You Need to Add it to the List!

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With kids heading back to school this month, parents everywhere are busy getting everything on their supply lists. Unfortunately, with Back to School time also comes Colds, Tummy Bugs and Flu time.   Although we do our best to teach and encourage our children to wash their hands, sometimes they don’t, and even when they do they are very likely to turn right around and touch something that has germs all over it.

Plus, what about when there is no soap and water available to wash hands such as on a Field Trip?  This is why one of the top items on my list is hand sanitizer;  in fact it is also one of the items on our child’s school’s required supply list as well!

Luckily, I was offered the opportunity to review one of today’s most effective and popular hand sanitizers made by Purell.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer was originally created in 1988 by GOJO to meet the needs of healthcare providers and restaurants operators looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs.  After gaining much popularity in these fields, in 1997 it was made available to consumers.

Today, Purell remains one of the most popular and effective hand sanitizers, and now they have taken it one step further and created the ultimate formulation, Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer.


Purell Advanced kills 99.99% of germs! That is some powerful stuff!  Yet, Purell Advanced remains gentle on your hands due to the four different skin conditioners it contains, conditioners that help soothe your skin and maintain moisture.  Did you know that just one squirt of Purell Advanced kills as many germs as two squirts of other leading brands**?

Purell Advanced is available in several different sizes, so finding the perfect one for Back to School is no problem! They offer sizes perfect for ‘both on the go’ and sizes for ‘home and office/classroom’ including bottles as large as the 1 liter economy size to bottles as small as 1 ounce.  Bottles come with pumps or flip tops, and they even make kid-friendly bottles with pictures of favorite characters such as SpongeBob. Did I mention they also make different sized packages of sanitizing wipes?

In addition to several sizes, Purell Advanced is also available in many different varieties including Refreshing Gel,  Refreshing Aloe, Ocean Kiss, SpongeBob Splash, Moonlit Moments and several others. Plus they also offer these incredibly convenient Jelly Wrap™ carriers as part of their To Go line.


I was sent several different sizes and scents to try including an 8 ounce bottle and a 2 ounce bottle of Refreshing Aloe.  The 8 ounce bottle is the perfect size for sending to the classroom or putting in the kitchen or bathroom, and the 2 ounce bottle is the perfect personal size bottle that I carry in my purse were ever I go.  I also received several 1 ounce bottle in a variety of scents including Moonlit Moments, Watermelon Splash, Ocean Kiss and Sweet Papaya Mango.

These 1 ounce bottles are ideal for children in that they fit perfectly in the colorful Jelly Wrap™ carriers. These carries are made of a tough plastic material, and have a long extension that hangs down from the bottom of the carrier.  Once you loop it around and stick it through a small hole, it forms a secure hook.

They are incredibly handy and can be hooked onto your child’s backpack, belt loop, lunch box and any other handy spot so your child has it right there with them.  The loop it forms is very secure and won’t come apart easily, and the bright colors ensure your child will like it!   The 1 ounce bottles come with flip-top lids that close securely so you don’t have to worry about them coming open and spilling.


Although I love the convenience of hand sanitizer, two of my least favorite things are the way my hands are left feeling dry and itchy, and that overpowering smell of alcohol many have.  With Purell, I didn’t experience these problems as much.  As far as my skin, regardless of how many times I used Purell, my hands always felt soft and never dried out.

Best of all, with most of the Purell sanitizers, I didn’t have to deal with such a strong scent of alcohol, especially with the scented ones.  I did notice an alcohol smell with the clear-colored Refreshing and the Refreshing Aloe formulations, but it was nowhere near as strong as others I have tried.  On the other hand (ha ha! pun intended!), the scented varieties, such as Moonlit Moments and Sweet Papaya Mango, all smelled wonderful and had almost no scent of alcohol.  These left my hands both feeling and smelling nice!


Overall I would definitely recommend getting Purell Hand Sanitizer as part of your Back to School shopping, and for your house as well!  Everyone knows that the cleaner you keep your hands, the less likely you are to spread germs – and with the beginning of the school year coming up and then Fall and Winter, now is the time to get prepared!  What better way to guarantee that your child’s hands are clean and germ-free than using one of the most effective hand sanitizers available?

Check out the Purell website to see all of the different sizes and varieties available;  you can even purchase some products directly through the site which will take you to  You can also find some great tips on Fighting Germs and Reducing Sick Days!  And did I mention the money-saving coupon you can print?!?  Purex products can be found at many sites online, as well as at your local grocery, drugstore and mass merchandiser.

**** Based on comparative study of average outputs from pump bottles, and tested in accordance with FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash guidelines. National brands based on 52-week IRI scan data.

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Friday 9th of August 2013

I would definitely add this on my shopping list! Thanks :)


Wednesday 7th of August 2013

I have Purell hand wipes I carry it everywhere with me.

Laurie - Steals and Deals for Kids

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

We already have ours ready to head back to school - it's our favorite brand!!

Mel Cole

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

love that cute handle which can be clinged on a bag.

Mel Cole

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

It's always great to have hand sanitizers on hand to fight against flu.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.