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Romantic Relationships – 4 Uncommon Ways to Help Them Thrive

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It’s not uncommon for romance to fade when you’re invested in a long-term relationship. In fact, new statistics show that even 20% of first marriages will fail within the first five years. But why does romance tend to fade from romantic relationships?

There are a number of different factors, but some primary issues tend to cause a relationship’s failure more than others. These can include communication problems, lack of sex, and entering relationships that we know are doomed from the start.

According to psychology researcher, Raquel Peel, many romantic relationships fail because one — or both — partners assume that the relationship won’t work out. This will inevitably lead to relationship sabotage at the first sign of an argument or issue.

“We should not be pursuing every relationship that comes our way,” notes Peel. “Pursue those relationships that have the potential to work.”

So when you do find a relationship you want to pursue, ensuring its happiness should be a primary goal between both partners. Here are some of the top uncommon methods people are using to stay happy in their romantic relationships.

two peole kissing helping your romantic relationships thrive

Using Apps to Help

Did you know that up to 12% of seniors use dating sites and dating apps? While we all know that dating apps are more popular than ever, a higher number of people have also started using apps to help improve their relationships.

One couples therapy app, called Lasting, works with the couple to identify strengths and weaknesses within the relationship. Then, the users will listen to a therapy session ranging from three to eight minutes designed to promote inward reflection and self-awareness.

Other apps, like Kindu, work to encourage frank discussions regarding the sexual preferences between partners. While this form of technology might not work for everyone, it’s definitely worth the experimentation if you find yourself in a relationship rut.

Scheduled Sex

Countless couples say that they’ll have sex later only to find that they’re too exhausted to perform when the time comes. After all, it can be difficult to find the time for romantic intimacy during the chaos of work, school, and raising a family.

Unfortunately, the lack of sexual intimacy can have disastrous effects on a relationship. Many people put a special emphasis on sex in order to feel connected and loved by their partner. This is why it can be so difficult for couples with mismatched libidos to find the perfect balance of physical intimacy. But any couple can experience issues making time for sex, especially among couples who have been together for a long time.

That’s why more people have started scheduling days for sex on their calendars to ensure your physical needs are being met.

[Scheduling sex] might seem boring, but scheduling a date, party, or vacation doesn’t make it less fun,” notes one person who swears by it. “Doing so can add to the enjoyment because you can put more thought into it and benefit from that spicy anticipation. On top of all of that, occasional spontaneous sex rather than your typical scheduled sex becomes even more exciting because it’s so novel.”

A Greater Focus on Personal Happiness

This point doesn’t seem so uncommon, but the recent emphasis on self-care makes it worth noting. Relationships are wonderful modes of support for hundreds of thousands of people. But if you find yourself neglecting your personal goals and ambitions in the process, you might form resentment against your partner.

As such, the self-care movement is encouraging people to better themselves along with their romantic relationships. This could be as simple as treating yourself to a bath or going to the gym. It might be as big as moving across the country or investing in surgery. It’s estimated that 48% of people are unhappy with their teeth, resulting in declining self-confidence and higher levels of stress. By taking better care of yourself, you’ll find yourself in a better spot to take care of your relationship.

The Pill

Birth control pills are hit and miss depending on who is taking the medication. While some people might experience higher levels of anxiety, others may witness a more stable mood as a result of the medication. In fact, a recent study surveying hundreds of women across the United States revealed that women who have fewer mood swings thanks to the pill also report higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

Unfortunately, more research is needed to prove that the correlation between these factors is positive. Regardless, this might be a great way to help people achieve greater satisfaction in their romantic relationships in the future.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Improve Romantic Relationships

These are just some of the many uncommon ways to help improve your romantic relationships. Of course, not every one of these methods will be a win. But don’t be afraid to talk to your partner to find out what works (or doesn’t work!) for you. With any luck, you might find a new way to help your relationship thrive.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.