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Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show + A Contest!

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As a parent one of our most important jobs is to teach our children how to stay safe. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is so much more to teach our children about safety than just not talking to strangers, looking both ways before crossing the street, or not accepting rides from someone they do not know. With technology we now have to talk about cyber safety, bullying, scary news, frightening events and so much more. Some of these talks can be difficult, and often you may not know what to say or the best way to say it. And teaching our children how to stay safe without scaring them can be a job in itself. So when The Mother Company offered me the opportunity to review their newest Ruby’s Studio video, The Safety Show, I jumped at the chance!

Those of you who read my review of Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show are familiar with both The Mother Company and their goal of teaching children positive lessons using positive role models. For those of you who are not familiar, The Mother Company was formed by a group of moms who were concerned about the quality and content of today’s media and what it is teaching children. They created a line of children’s educational entertainment products which includes Ruby’s Studio, a series of fun and engaging videos that focus on developing children’s social and emotional skills. Videos include titles such as The Feelings Show and The Friendship Show. There are also books, toys, games and more. Parents can also find expert advice, parental wisdom and tips and tools for “raising a healthy, safe and well-adjusted child” through The Mother Company‘s online community.

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The Safety Show is the latest installment in the award-winning Ruby’s Studio series. It’s an hour-long show that teaches children how to stay safe in a variety of situations, and it does so in a fun and engaging way using music, art, play, animated skits and more. Instead of focusing purely on topics such as Stranger Danger, The Safety Show teaches children the importance of paying attention to the ‘Uh-Oh feeling’ – that feeling that something is just not right. It teaches our children to trust in themselves and their instincts, to ask for help, to speak up for themselves, to own their body, to know that it’s okay to say NO, and so much more. The goal of The Safety Show is to ‘inspire, inform, and empower’, and it does so in a way that will have your children nodding along, singing the songs and having a great time. Check out the trailer below!


Attend a Release! The Safety Show: Launch Events 

Do you live in or around one of the following cities? If so, The Mother Company would love to have YOU attend one of their free launch events for The Safety Show! You can see a free screening of The Safety Show, and there will be lots of fun activities, too!

  • New York: October 19 & 20
  • San Francisco: October 27
  • Chicago: November 9
  • Dallas: November 16

The Safety Show Discount Code for Bullock’s Buzz Readers

Want to learn more about The Safety Show? Here’s a really cute post from founder Abbie Schiller about why they created The Safety Show DVD. Then go to this page and save 20% off the DVD or download of The Safety Show! Be sure to use the discount code Safety2013  at purchase to get your savings! This code expires 12/31/13, so hurry and get your copy of The Safety Show!

This would make a great gift for family and friends for the holidays, as well as for preschool classes, home school classes, schools, clubs, troops and more!

The Safety Show Pin It To Win It Contest

Be sure to follow The Mother Company on Pinterest, and enter for your chance to win a set of their newest books, a DVD copy of The Safety Show AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Click HERE to learn more and enter! This ends Oct. 31, so hurry!

You can also connect with The Mother Company on FacebookTwitter and YouTube to keep up with the latest releases, newest items, great tips, ideas and so much more! Come join us!


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Courtney Pies

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

I definitely love what this group of mothers is doing! Children definitely need more positive role models in their lives.

Lexie Lane

Tuesday 29th of October 2013

I think safety can be a difficult thing to teach as some kids can only learn from experience or actually witnessing danger. This sounds like such a great program! It's really creative and a fun way to get them to understand.


Monday 28th of October 2013

I don't live near any of the cities where it is launching but I am very much looking forward to the show. What a wonderful concept to address a very serious issue! Thanks for the heads-up. I'll definitely look out for the show.

Christy Maurer

Monday 28th of October 2013

I love how they include the feeling of somethings just not right. Hopefully more kids will understand and speak out when they get that feeling.

Pamela R

Monday 28th of October 2013

What a great concept for a show. Learning and having fun all in one.

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